Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch Scheduled for September, Design Improvements Detailed


Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Fold‘s design has been improved to make sure its display doesn’t break as easily. The phone maker has also confirmed that Galaxy Fold will be up for sale in select markets sometime this September. Reportedly, these changes have not impacted the price of the phone, and it will still retail at $1,980 in the US.

One of the first problems that caused the phone’s display to break was with a protective layer on top of the Infinity Flex Display being peeled off. The main reason people started peeling off this integral part of the display was due to its edges being exposed in a manner that made it appear as if it was just a standard screen protector. To fix this problem, Samsung says that this layer’s edges have now been extended underneath the side bezels.

Despite this effort, however, there would have still been a problem with this protective layer at the points where the display bends. Quite a few early testers had reported seeing the layer separate near the center crease. This allowed dirt to get inside and damage the screen. This problem has also been fixed with the use of newly added protection caps at the top and bottom of the hinge.

To further reinforce the flexible screen of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung says it has added more metal layers underneath. Also, the space between the hinge and body of the smartphone is said to have been reduced, a potential point of failure first spotted by iFixit in their teardown which was pulled down upon Samsung’s request a few months ago.

Here are images Samsung released of the redesigned Galaxy Fold that showcase the physical changes made. The differences are subtle, but comparing these with renders of the older version of the smartphone does illustrate the redesigned hinge and the addition of a protective cap at the top and bottom of the hinge

Samsung Has Also Tweaked Galaxy Fold’s UX

It was quite disappointing to see the first batch of Galaxy Fold devices malfunction and break. Then again, having all the problems emerge in the hands of reviewers ahead of the phone’s official launch meant the end-user was saved from having their money wasted on a faulty smartphone. In fact, CEO DJ Koh even admitted that the company had rushed the release of this handset “before it was ready.” The decision to cancel and postpone the launch of this handset was indeed the right move.

Whether or not the new redesign is enough to mitigate the display reviewers faced the first time around is yet to be seen. Be that as it may, the Galaxy Fold is an expensive device that is still bulky and reportedly has issues with UX elements not being perfectly adapted to the new form factor. Then again, Samsung has also said that more apps have been optimized to better work with the foldable UX, but we won’t know how much has actually improved until the device launches in September.

Galaxy Fold September Launch In India Seems Likely

Samsung’s hasn’t detailed the exact date for the rescheduled launch of the Galaxy fold, but it did mention that the company was conducting “final product tests” before the phone goes on sale in “select markets.” A few weeks ago, SamMobile spotted a Galaxy Fold being used by a metro commuter in New Delhi, India. More recently, SamMobile also reported that the initial launch of the Galaxy Fold would be limited to major markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and India.