Samsung Galaxy Note 9, S9 and Other Phones to Get Android Pie Soon; Updates, New Features Explained

Despite Samsung's abject silence on Android 9 Pie update on their latest devices, there still were some interesting details revealed on what could change in current devices with the latest OS update


We haven’t heard anything from Samsung regarding the Android 9.0 Pie update scheduled on a number of its smartphone devices. However, Samsung France has been the first one to come out and address the Samsung Members community with some important details which the Android 9 Pie update might bring to the devices. However, the update is not expected to come anytime before January 2019, but the fact that many other brands are testing the Android 9 Pie on their devices for some time now, but Samsung’s total inactivity here has disappointed many. However, Samsung had also hinted on a new, foldable smartphone with Android 9 Pie build which could come before 2018 ends, yet they have nothing on the Pie update on current devices.

Here we look at some of the changes that the Android Pie update could bring on to some Samsung Galaxy models. Despite this information from Samsung France, nothing is confirmed as of yet, as these details would only give a justification of what to expect when the update finally hits.

Android 9 Pie Update on Samsung Galaxy phones

The Android 9 Pie update on some of the Samsung Galaxy phones could bring some of the features from recent flagships, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 to the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. For instance, the Samsung France suggest that when using swipe to type on older models, space could be added automatically after adding a number.

Then, the second SIM of the dual SIM variants will allow VoLTE and VoWiFi support on the phones. This support has already been enabled on the Galaxy S9 earlier this year with a software update. The same feature is available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well. There could be more features added in for native apps such as voice recorder or gallery.

Another crucial area of fix could be with the camera app, Gallery. With the Android 9 Pie, users can access their recorded videos in the galley, while the update could also fix a significant problem with the camera app. Users had been complaining about all images opening up within launching the Camera app. With the Android 9 Pie update, only those photos that are in the Camera folder will show while accessing the gallery through the Camera app.

Additionally, there are suggestions of new camera features to be developed before the January 2019 rollout from Samsung for the Android 9 Pie. For instance, it states the phone’s flash can be used in direct focus mode, although this camera feature already exists on the Galaxy Note 9. Overall, the Android 9 Pie update could bring about some exciting highlights from the latest Samsung Galaxy flagship devices on to the older models.

The update will bring about features where the phone will be capable of reading the name and phone number during incoming calls. It could also have the ability to cut audio recordings and let users listen to the part they want within the app.

Android 9 Pie Beta coming soon to Samsung Galaxy Devices?

Well, there are suggestions that Samsung might be thinking of rolling out the Android 9 Pie Beta, although there has been no suggestions or confirmations yet. However, Samsung had reportedly started testing Android 9 Pie update on the Galaxy S9 in most markets as well as on four reported S10 models, and this somewhat indicates a possible beta program. However, considering its Samsung, who only announced an Android Oreo Beta back in November last year, so nothing could be ruled out on this front.