Samsung Galaxy S10+ First Update Brings Improvements to Camera, Option to Remap Bixby Button

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Not even a week has passed since Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S10 series on a global platform, and the Galaxy S10+ has already started receiving its first software update. According to a report by SamMobile, the company has rolled out the update for bug fixes and improving the stability. One of the highlights of the update is the option to remap the Bixby button. Given its history with the Bixby button’s remapping, it is a big step by Samsung.

The First Update For Galaxy S10+ Brings Bixby Remapping Option Alongside Critical Bug Fixes

The first update for the Galaxy S10+ brings the Bixby button remapping option, allowing users to remap the button for launching other apps like Facebook, Netflix, Google Maps, and others. To recall, when Samsung first integrated the Bixby button in the Galaxy S8 series, it was quite against the remapping option for it. The company even went to the lengths of blocking the apps that allowed the third-party access for the remapping option. And here are we now, when Samsung itself is offering such an option to the users. Quite a leap, we say.

The update also brings fixed for five ‘critical’ and over a dozen ‘high-risk’ vulnerabilities in the Android OS. It also fixes around twelve bugs and vulnerabilities in Samsung’s own firmware. According to Samsung’s monthly Security Maintenance Release, some of the firmware issues were flagged critical.

Well, the Galaxy S10+ is the flagship that we have been waiting for, and with this new update, Samsung has fixed the issues that needed a quick fix. The remapping of Bixby button would prove to be a worthy option for the users as it makes the use of the favorite even quicker. It’s been out in the open that not many Samsung users were fond of the Bixby button’s limited functionality and also not many users used Bixby in the first place. Given all the backlash it faced, Samsung overcame the issue with the Galaxy S10 series and has also announced that the same remapping functionality will be extended to other Galaxy phones with a Bixby button. These phones include – Galaxy S8 lineup, Galaxy S9 lineup along with Galaxy Note 8 and the Note 9. The only pre-requisite would be that these phones should be on Android 9 Pie-based One UI.

Galaxy S10 Plus Update

Improvements In Camera, Instagram Mode

As per the changelog, the update also improves the stability of the Camera on the Galaxy S10+. It also enhances the performance of Fingerprint Recognition. The update also brings ‘Instagram Mode’ an exclusive feature that allows users to shoot and upload content to Instagram Stories from the device’s native camera app, which delivers better quality and overall Instagram experience.

As of now, the update has reached a small chunk of devices that are currently used by bloggers, influencers, or tech journalists. SamMobile states that they have received the update on the German variant of the Galaxy S10+, in the Netherlands. If news starts pouring in from France and the UK, then that would suggest the update’s rollout in Europe. The report says that the update is yet to reach North America.


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