Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets iPhone 11’s Slofie Feature to Front Facing Camera with Latest Update


They say that copying a good thing is never a bad thing. Samsung appears to have taken the term seriously as the latest Android 10 beta update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 brings about the Slofie feature that was introduced with the iPhone 11.

As the trend follows, most of the features the flagship devices come up with are usually implemented by other smartphone manufacturers in one way or the other and the Slofie feature appears to be next in line.

Slofie feature of a Samsung device – the company has really pulled off an Apple this time

Slofie, as a feature, allows users to record slow-motion videos using the front camera of the iPhone 11. Lately, the feature got a lot of attention with a lot of users posting their stories on their social media handles.

The latest Android 10 beta update for the Galaxy S10 provides the same functionality to the users of the devices. Note that only those who are using the beta build of the update can make use of the feature as of now and the feature has not been rolled out officially yet.

Our favorite phone maker has added a slow motion mode to the front camera with One UI 2.0 and Android 10. Like the slow motion mode for the rear camera, you don’t get any customization options for slow motion videos with the front camera. You just hit the record button and go crazy, although you can edit recorded slow motion videos and reduce their playback speed to make everything even slower.

In order to use the Slofie feature on the Samsung Galaxy S10, all you need to do is to flip to the front camera in the camera interface and activate the slow-motion mode. As of now, there is no customization option available for the feature and one cannot really tweak the frames as per their own needs (maybe the official update will fix this).

Furthermore, as per the reports, the video suffers lags and stutters as of now which is typical of any feature which is in beta as of now, so we cannot complain much about it as of now.

Adding to this, it is not even sure as to whether the feature will be made official or not, but chances of it hopping on to the stable build are highly likely.

Here is a quick video showcasing the Slofie feature on the Galaxy S10.

Other than this feature, the latest beta update brings in a lot of other features, but we are not sure as to how many of them would actually make it to the final cut.

As of now, this is all we know about the latest feature, but we are sure to receive further intel on the same in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on the Slofie feature on the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup of devices? Will it actually be worth something or will it just be a mere Apple rip-off? Do let us know in the comments section below.