Samsung Galaxy S10 Models’ Camera Specs Detailed, 5G Model to Feature Quad Camera Setup with ToF Sensor

The cheapest variant in the Galaxy S10 family gets a dual-camera set up at the back and a single front-facing camera.


The latest from the upcoming Galaxy S10 series are the leaked camera specifications. All the models, save the Galaxy S10 Lite will feature dual-front facing cameras. As for the rear end, the Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy S10 will both sport a dual-camera arrangement, while the Galaxy S10 Plus and the S10 5G will have triple and quad-camera setup, respectively. Furthermore, the 5G-enabled S10 model will also feature a 3D ToF sensor for augmented and virtual reality functionalities.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is anticipated to bring significant upgrades over its predecessor. One of the best areas where the improvements are most visible is the imaging department. The Galaxy S10 variants are expected to feature enhanced camera specifications and the newfound details are hinting just that. Let’s dive in deep and make sense of what we know so far.

Galaxy S10 Plus to Feature Three Cameras at the Back

The top-most model of the Galaxy S10 series was speculated to come with improved cameras, while the other variants were expected to land regular specifications. However, Samsung has apparently planned upgrades ranging from minor to major for all the handsets in the series. The Galaxy S10 Plus gets 3 cameras at the back, most likely featuring a 12MP primary sensor (wide-angle), a 16MP super-wide angle secondary sensor, and lastly a telephoto sensor of 13MP resolution for 3x optical zoom.

In comparison, the Standard Galaxy S10 model will have one less camera (wide-angle) at the back and the front will feature the same dual-camera arrangement. The Galaxy S10 Lite, on the other hand, will settle for one front-facing camera and two rear cameras. And now for the 5G model of the S10 series, we have 6 cameras, 4 at the back and 2 at the front. In addition to one extra camera than the Galaxy S10 Plus, the 5G variant will also come with a 3D ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor as an aide for AR and VR capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Models’ Expected Specs and Features

Now that we have covered the imaging department, let’s take a look at the other rumored/expected specifications of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy family. The standard Galaxy S10 variant is expected to feature a 5.8-inch AMOLED display and its Lite version might also get the same screen size. The top-end model, that is, the Galaxy S10 Plus will reportedly get a 6.44-inch display, while the 5G version is expected to be the largest among all with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display. Speaking of the 5G version, Samsung is reportedly manufacturing only 2 million units of this variant, considering that only a few countries will be upgraded to the 5G network in the near future. So, we know, this variant is not arriving in India.

The top-most model of the family is also rumored to feature 12GB RAM and up to 1TB of internal storage. All the variants will be powered by the latest Exynos 9820 processor, built on the 7nm process. The Galaxy S10 is expected to be offered in five color variants with at least one gradient color. Samsung is most likely to launch the Galaxy S10 family before the Mobile World Congress in February, next year. For now, this is all we know about the Galaxy S10 series through leaks and rumors. Samsung might just make a few tweaks to the expected specifications. We don’t know a lot about the Galaxy S10 devices, so there is plenty of room for surprises at the time of launch. There is still a lot of time for the handsets to come out, we will keep you posted.

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