Samsung Galaxy S10 to be Reportedly Offered in Ceramic Black and White Color Variants; Alleged Renders Leaked

One of the top-end models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 could sport a ultra-premium Ceramic back, and come in White and Black color options.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launching in multiple variants. A new report about the device claims the premium flagship Android handset will also have an ultra-high end variant which will sport a ceramic back. The model will allegedly arrive in Ceramic Black and Ceramic White color options.

Samsung is certainly readying the Samsung Galaxy S10, its next premium high-end flagship Android smartphone. Although there’s still a lot of time for its official unveiling, snippets of interesting information keep surfacing. There’s no denying that the 10th Edition of the highly successful and iconic Samsung Galaxy S Series will have the most cutting-edge hardware, premium features and top-end hardware. Several reports, which incidentally haven’t been corroborated by Samsung, claim the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have some industry-first specifications, including a total of six camera sensors, 5G support, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S10 To Arrive With Ceramic Back In White And Black Color

Samsung will certainly not hold back any premium option for the Samsung Galaxy S10. A new report claims there could be two highest-end model of the S10 that will have the back panel made of ceramic, the hardest material after diamond and sapphire. The Korean tech giant tech is reportedly developing about four different models of its 10th Anniversary flagship smartphone.

Ceramic is one of the most premium materials that smartphones have. Only the highest-end commercial smartphones have sported a ceramic back. Incidentally, ceramic is the trickiest materials to work with. It is very difficult to fabricate, and although it is the hardest, it can be very brittle if not designed and manufactured correctly. The Samsung Galax S10 is certainly worthy of the microcrystal zirconium oxide ceramic material.

Although a ceramic back version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is quite plausible and expected, Samsung appears to be very late to offer a model with the hardest back panel. The high-end premium material which simply cannot be easily scratched with everyday materials and products has already been used by companies like Xiaomi, on the Mi MIX Series. Even the relatively lesser known Essential Phone sports the ceramic back.

Galaxy S10 To Have Four Variants

The SM-G970x will be the entry-level model of the Samsung Galaxy S10. It could sport a smaller 5.8-inch display and single rear camera. Samsung may deploy a standard rear-mounted fingerprint scanner instead of the in-display fingerprint sensor. Being a relatively cheaper model like the iPhone XS, it could arrive in trendy colors like Yellow, Green, etc.

The SM-G973 would be the slightly more expensive variant of the Galaxy S10 which will have the same 5.8-inch AMOLED display. The device could have the standard dual camera setup on the back. The SM-G975 model may have a slightly larger 6.44-inch display, as well as a triple camera setup on the back. Interestingly, these devices could sport gradient or gradually transitioning colors.

Galaxy S10

Apart from these three models, Samsung is reportedly readying an ultra-high end variant of the Galaxy S10 that would sport a large 6.7-inch AMOLED display that may just boast of 4K resolution. The device could also pack a quad-camera setup on the back and dual front-facing camera unit. Samsung could also infuse the ability to latch onto 5G networks. This top-end model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 may have 512GB of internal memory. Samsung is referring this top-end model as SM-G975FC. It is this variant that may sport the ceramic back in White or Black colors.

Needless to add, these are rumors and speculations. Additionally, there’s still time for Samsung to finalize all the specifications, features, price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The current flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9 models are doing rather well.