Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Launch, Pre-order and Sale Dates Leaked, to be Available in Six Color Options

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is touted to launch on January 14, keeping in line with its trend of being the first flagship phone launch of a calendar year.


Samsung Galaxy S21 has already started seeing an increasing frequency of leaks and supply chain reports, and given that its launch is now about two months into the future, that is hardly a surprise. Now, a tweet by Jon Prosser, well noted for his bankable tips on key smartphone launches, has indicated the potential announcement date of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series of phones. Alongside, Prosser has also tipped the preorder and sale dates of the Galaxy S21 series, as well as a total of six colour options that the different versions of the Galaxy S21 series will seemingly come with.

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According to Prosser, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is slated to launch on January 14, 2021. Prosser’s report falls in line with a report from German technology publication WinFuture, which also indicated that the production process for the Samsung Galaxy S21 has now begun, starting with mass production of the components required for assembling the Galaxy S21 devices. Further reports around the internet suggest that the Galaxy S21 series of phones are being manufactured in Samsung’s plants in Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia and Brazil, and Samsung’s partner vendor factories are presently sourcing key components to these factories for production of the phone.

Prosser has also stated that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones will go up for preorders in all eligible markets alongside its official announcement on January 14. The official sales of the smartphone is said to begin on January 29, two weeks after the announcement of the devices. While not segregating among the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra, Prosser has said that the upcoming flagship smartphones will feature a total of six colour variants – Black, White, Grey, Silver, Violet and Pink.

Related reports on this note have also claimed to offer granular detail on how each of the Samsung Galaxy S21 phones would look like. According to Twitter user Ross Young, the Samsung Galaxy S21 standard variant will come with grey, pink, violet and white colour variants, the Galaxy S21 Plus will feature black and silver finishes, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to feature black, silver and violet colours. With the launch event expected within the next two months, it will be interesting to see how far the leaks match in terms of accuracy with the final product.