Samsung Galaxy S21 Could be the First Smartphone with Under-screen Selfie Camera


It’s been barely two months since Samsung announced this year’s flagship S-series handsets and people seem to be already interested in the next generation of Galaxy S handsets. How else do you explain popular leakster IceUniverse’s recent tweet in which he talked about a much talked about feature that he thinks could debut with the Samsung Galaxy S21. Yes, the same Galaxy S21 which will be released almost a year from now. In the tweet (embedded below), IceUniverse says that Samsung could, for the first time use an under-screen selfie camera on the Galaxy S21 — thereby eliminating the need for display notches or punch holes to house the camera.

Before we go into further detail, here is @IceUniverse’s tweet.

Almost everyone interested in smartphone and consumer electronics might be aware of the fact that Samsung generally tends to announce major advancements in smartphone technology at the launch of the S-Series and then consolidates these features with the Galaxy Note series that usually debuts halfway into the year. The same is expected to happen in 2021 as well.

This gives the company enough time to work on prototypes and extensively test the implementation of an under-screen camera. Samsung being the predominant supplier of OLED panels for smartphones, it also becomes easier for them to test these technologies extensively before launch. To cite an example, Samsung showcased foldable displays nearly a decade ago before finally launching the Galaxy Fold in 2019.

What remains to be seen is how Chinese vendors respond to Samsung’s intentions. In the past, we have seen brands like OPPO and Vivo leapfrog ahead of Samsung in terms of implementing new technology. For example, Vivo was the first to come up with the in-display fingerprint scanner on the Vivo Nex back in 2018 and now the technology has become fairly commonplace. Huawei is also another brand that plans to implement an under-screen camera.