Samsung Might Kill the Galaxy S22 FE, But It Should Not, Here’s Why

A new rumour suggests Samsung is planning to end the Fan Edition lineup.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Fan Edition was rumoured to launch later this year globally as the successor to the Galaxy S21 FE. However, a new report suggests that Samsung Galaxy S22 FE may be cancelled and not only that, the entire Fan Edition series may end up being cancelled.

Earlier this year, the company officially retired its Galaxy Note series and now, the Fan Edition might be next in the line. Multiple sources have reported to SamMobile that Samsung is not going to release the Galaxy S22 FE and it’s quite likely that there won’t be any more FE models being released in the future. The first Fan Edition was launched in 2020, the Galaxy S20 and later the S21 FE was delayed and launched earlier this year, just a few days before the Galaxy S22 launch. Here is why we think the Fan Edition makes sense and why Samsung should not stop the series.

Flagship Experience and Value for Money

Over the past couple of years, we have seen Samsung Galaxy S series phones cost over 70,000 with the S20 series and the S21 series cost even more, with the S21 Ultra being topping over Rs 1,00,000. This is where Samsung’s Galaxy Fan Edition came to the rescue for consumers. First introduced in 2020, the Galaxy S20 FE offered most of the goodness from the S20 series without compromising much in key areas like display, design and performance. All these features were offered at a marginal cost compared to the flagship S20 series.

The Galaxy S21’s arrival was delayed by a few months and it was finally launched in January this year, just before the Galaxy S22 series. Even though it was launched recently, the S21 FE was still priced under Rs 50,000 in India ($799 globally), which is still a great price for a Samsung flagship phone as compared to the other flagship phones from Samsung as well as other brands.Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Even with the Galaxy S21 FE, the last-gen Galaxy S20 FE 5G is being sold in India for under Rs 35,000 and even less during the sale. This is a relatively affordable price for a Samsung flagship phone given its brand value and reputation among users. Samsung Galaxy Fan Edition phones over the last two generations have always offered excellent performance, camera, and display 一 which are the key pillars of a good phone and on top of this, the pricing of the device at the launch and later on with some offers have always been on the aggressive side, which has helped Samsung sell more Fan Edition phones in India.

Since I have also personally used the Galaxy Fan Edition phone for a while, I’d be disappointed to see the brand end this lineup. Overall, the Fan Edition phone gave users a flagship experience even without all the bells and whistles and mostly right compromises. If there were some improvements to be made, I’d have liked Samsung to improve charging speed and battery life on the upcoming Galaxy S22 FE, but I think we’d never hear about the phone from Samsung again.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE Just Delayed?

There is still a bit of hope though as Samsung has not made an official announcement yet. Even last year, there were rumours around the S21 FE being delayed and cancelled, but eventually, Samsung launched the device in January 2022.  And, so, unless and until Samsung confirms the news, there is still a bit of hope as we can’t rule out the possibility of Galaxy S22 FE yet.