Samsung Galaxy S22+ at Just Rs 60,000 Is an Incredible Deal to Miss and That’s the Reason Why I Bought It

The Flipkart Big Billion Days and Amazon Great Indian sales were full of deals for phones, but I opted for the Samsung Galaxy S22+.


I’ll start off by making an honest confession, I am a Samsung fanboy, and have been ever since they launched the Galaxy S6 Edge. That was the first flagship smartphone I bought and it changed my smartphone experience. I followed that up by purchasing the Galaxy Note 8, which to be fair would not have lasted me this long had I not been using multiple review devices in between.

And now with the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S22+, I have kind of stayed true to the fanboy spirit in me. Though to be fair I did consider hard, switching over to the Apple side of things. But here are by 2 cents on the piece about what made me go back to the Samsung flagship series with all the excellent other choices out there.

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Deals, Deals and More Smartphone Deals

Anyone who has any interest in buying a new smartphone, and even those that don’t would surely have noticed the plethora of lucrative smartphone deals from both Flipkart and Amazon during their Big Billion Days and Great Indian Sale respectively. The e-commerce platforms claim that these sales bring incredible deals for all kinds of products on the platforms, but we would be kidding if we didn’t know that these sales really are about the incredible deals on smartphones.

While most phones received large discounts, some of the best deals were on the top flagship smartphones from the past couple of years. These include the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, the Apple iPhone 11, 12 and 13 even with a Google Pixel 6a thrown in the mix. Both Amazon and Flipkart have reported record sales during this time, showing just how many people were waiting for the sale this time around to purchase new phones.

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And I was one of them, and even with my background of dealing with the launches of new phones and keeping up with the deals, I was rightly confused given the sheer number of smartphone deal options. My wife recently purchased an iPhone at my insistence which along with the incredible price of Rs 55,999 for the iPhone 13 on Flipkart, convinced me to buy it. And I did put in the order and pay for it, but something triggered me to cancel the purchase. That same night I decided to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S22+ at Rs 59,999 on Flipkart.


Why the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and Not the iPhone 13?

I have never been too taken with Apple, iPhones, and the craze for it. But my opinion changed with the introduction of the iPhone 12 and the sheer value in terms of specs, software and security it provided. The iPhone 13 is an incredible device, which at the price of Rs 55,999 is a great deal to say the least.

Be that as it may, I felt that the Galaxy S22+ at Rs 59,999 was a better deal for me. It comes with a bigger display, that is brighter and with a max refresh rate of 120Hz which is ideal for playing games. It also has a larger battery which promised less charging cycles.

But the biggest reason why I was eager to get the Galaxy S22+ was that this was the first flagship series from Samsung in India which featured the Snapdragon chipsets. While Samsung did a fine job with the Exynos series of chipsets, I wanted to use a Galaxy device with a Qualcomm chipset, and in this case it was the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

These factors coupled with others like my preference for the photo quality of the Samsung flagship series and vastly improved OneUI ensured that I got the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and I and eager to see how the experience turns out.

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