Samsung Galaxy S22 Rumoured to Skip the 3D ToF Sensor: Are 3D ToF Sensors Dead?

Samsung is planning to ditch the 3D ToF sensor in the next year’s Galaxy S22 series as well.

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Samsung seems to be playing around with its camera system and making some quick decisions in changing the camera combination based on things that are working and what doesn’t. Until last year the South Korean tech giant was including 3D Time-of-Flight or ToF sensors on its flagship Galaxy S20 series. However, the Galaxy S21 series skipped the ToF sensor and it seems that the upcoming flagship series the Galaxy S22 is also going to miss the sensor. According to the reports, the company is not going to use the camera sensor at least for the time being. 

Samsung Might Ditch 3D ToF Sensor On Galaxy S22

Just in case you don’t know a ToF sensor emits the infrared light signal and measures the time it takes to hit the subject and bounce back to the sensor. In simple words, it creates a more or less 3D representation of what the sensor captures. The sensor is used for depth mapping for bokeh, autofocus, augmented reality, and a lot more. 

Augmented reality was the only reason Apple added a 3D ToF to its iPhone series and this was one of the default features for Samsung flagship phones. After facing criticism for the Galaxy S20’s subpar autofocus performance the company decided to replace the 3D ToF with a laser AF system in the Galaxy Note 20. It seems that the ToF sensor was one of the most unmissed sensors on the Galaxy flagship series and nobody even bothered about it on the Galaxy S21 series. 

A South Korean media report claims that Samsung is planning to ditch the sensor in the next year’s Galaxy S22 series as well. While consumers might not miss the sensor on the upcoming Galaxy S22 series but the absence might hit Samsung’s LSI business which is the one that makes the 3D ToF sensor for the smartphone. 

Currently, there is not much information about the Galaxy S22 is available on the internet and it would be too early to believe any rumours about the smartphone. It would be recommended to take this information with a pinch of salt and wait for the official announcement. 

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