Samsung Introduces ‘Flash’: Portable Laptops With Advanced Security, Super-Fast UFS Storage And Other Features

The Samsung Notebook Flash is a sleek mobile computing device that sports some high-end features and advanced Windows 10 Security, including a fingerprint scanner.


Samsung Electronics has launched an interesting new line of laptops. The new ‘Samsung Notebook Flash’ line includes sleek and portable mobile computing devices that sport some of the most advanced security features, high-speed wireless connectivity, super-speed UFS storage, and several other appealing aspects.

Samsung isn’t the first name that comes up when discussing laptops, netbooks and other similar mobile computing devices. However, the Korean tech giant makes several hardware components including SSDs, monitors, and peripherals like monitors. Now the company has introduced ‘Flash’ laptops that sport a beautiful design, and are available in multiple colors.

Samsung Notebook Flash Specifications

The Samsung Notebook Flash is essentially a small form factor notebook laptop that has the traditional clamshell style. The device features a 13.3-inch Full HD panel with wide viewing angle. The laptop runs Windows 10 Operating System (OS).

The Samsung Flash laptop benefits from several enhanced security features like ‘Windows Hello’ for facial recognition or Face Unlock. Moreover, the laptop features a fingerprint scanner on the keyboard as well. These aspects add multiple layers of security. If that’s not enough, the laptop has a private folder that stays hidden till the user unlocks it to browse its data and files.

For connectivity, the Samsung Notebook Flash has USB Type C port for charging. The same port also allows connecting accessories or other USB Type C devices like smartphones. For storage, the laptop supports next generation Universal Flash Storage (UFS) cards. This type of memory isn’t yet common, and is usually embedded in high-end premium smartphones. The UFS cards are five times faster in reading data than the memory used in traditional micro-SD cards.

Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed the processors that will power the Notebook Flash. However, given the fact the devices run Windows 10, it is quite likely Samsung may have opted for the Intel processors. Moreover, going by the target market, the laptop could easily have the latest 8th-Gen Intel Core processors. Strangely, Samsung has launched a single variant of the laptop. This indicates Samsung may not offer a choice of processors or amount of RAM.

Samsung Notebook Flash Features

The Samsung Notebook Flash sports Intel’s 802.11 ac 2×2 Gigabit Wireless Wi-Fi card. The platform can offer enhanced download speeds of up to 1.7Gbps. The top of the laptop has a shiny textured pattern. A premium cloth like material covers the palm rest and keyboard area. Interestingly, the Flash laptop has a three-dimensional palm rest.

One of the biggest highlights of the Samsung Notebook Flash is the inclusion of a retro-styled keyboard with circular keys instead of conventional square shaped ones. Samsung insists the keyboard style is inspired from an analog typewriter. The keys have curved key caps that may assist in typing.

Samsung Notebook Flash Features Price, Availability

The Samsung Notebook Flash sports a price tag of 820,000 Won (Rs. 53,000 approx.). The laptop will be available in three color variants: Linen White, Twill Charcoal, and Soft Charcoal.

Samsung has launched the Notebook Flash only in Korea. The company has partnered with Korea Telecom (KT), South Korea’s largest telecom operator. As a partnership deal, buyers could get substantial amount of high-speed mobile data and other benefits. Early adopters of the Flash laptop will get 64GB memory card as well.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed if it will launch the sleek line of laptops in other regions. However, Microsoft and Google are planning for a larger audience for their Surface Pro and the Chromebooks respectively. Hence we can expect Samsung may consider launching the Notebook Flash in international markets.