Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Is The Ultimate iPad Killer!


Samsung had a field day at the Unpacked event. The Korean company unveiled a promising Galaxy S10 line-up. For me though, highlight of the show was the Galaxy Fold. It is a smartphone and tablet rolled into one. The Galaxy Fold features a 7.3-inch foldable screen that closes like a book. In the compact mode, it lets you work with a 4.6-inch cover display. When it comes to the specs, Samsung has gone all guns blazing with a 7 nm Snapdragon 855 chip and a whopping 12 GB RAM. Owing to such hardware, the Galaxy Fold can simultaneously run three apps without breaking sweat.

Samsung Galaxy Fold front

Sure, the Galaxy Fold is exuberantly priced at almost $2,000, but it is one of the most important devices in the industry, nonetheless. It reignites the spark of innovation in the smartphone space that had become dull for a long time. It is probably the second time in its entirety Samsung’s mobile division announced a gadget that pioneers a product category. Back in 2011, the Korean brand revealed a “phablet” dubbed as the Galaxy Note and most tech reporters including yours truly bashed it like anything. Fast forward to today, and Samsung had the last laugh. In its latest iteration, the Galaxy Note is the best smartphone in the market. iPhone users who used to frown at the sight of it, are now switching to the Note 9. The tech executives from the land of K-Pop figured out what consumers want a long before any other company. This product category proved so successful that almost every other Android brand and even Apple had to launch a plus size smartphone.

samsung galaxy note

What makes the Galaxy Fold even more special is the fact that it is set to take on the tablet category. Considering the that the iPad is still the most popular product in its class, Apple has plenty to lose in coming years. Many will be quick to point out that Samsung’s tablet line-up always struggled to compete with the iPad over the years. While that’s true, there’s a clear reason for that. Although both brands offered similar hardware, Apple delivered better software experience. As a result, consumers never really had an incentive to choose Samsung’s tablet over the iPad. But that changes now as the Galaxy Fold offers a massive advantage of carrying a tablet in your pocket. If a phone sized foldable gadget can transform into a tablet, why would anyone want to carry a regular tablet? Such convenience will eventually drive any Apple fan with two brain cells to make a switch in the future.

Galaxy Fold gaming

It is inevitable like how smartphones replaced the portable media players. The Galaxy Fold will not turn the tablets obsolete in the very first iteration due to its premium price tag. Rumor has it that much like the first Galaxy Note, the Korean company will only produce a million units of the Galaxy Fold. As Samsung scales up the production for next generation device, the prices will go down significantly. I’m sure that in just a couple of years, the iPad will look like a relic in front of the future Galaxy Fold. Of course, Apple won’t give away its tablet market without putting up a fight. In recent years, the Cupertino based company has been quite open about embracing market trends. Take for instance, the Apple Pencil, which is a stylus that Steve Jobs never approved of. There’s a good chance that Apple will jump onto the foldable gadget bandwagon. And No, I’m not being sarcastic about the bent units of the iPad Pro. Simply stating the possibility that the Cupertino company might fight back with the Galaxy Fold. But, as we know, Samsung’s foldable device is a result of over eight years of research and development. Will Apple be able to pull of an equally impressive device in a short time? Sound off in the comments section below.