Samsung’s iTest App For iOS Simulates The Galaxy Experience To Lure iPhone Users To Android

Let’s take a look at how the Samsung iTest web app works.


If you are an iPhone user and want to try Android before switching platforms, now is the chance. Samsung is offering Apple users a way to experience Android on their iPhone. The company has launched a new web app called iTest. Users need to open the website on their iPhone’s Safari browser and install the QR code to install the web app. Once done, open the Web app to “get a little taste of Samsung, without changing phones”. The app will simulate OneUI, which is Samsung’s custom Android skin. Let’s take a look at how the iTest web app works.

Samsung wants Apple users to get a taste of Android on their iPhone

Samsung has launched a new web app called iTest. The app essentially allows iPhone users to get a taste of Samsung’s Android UI without changing phones.

To download the web app, open on Safari. Next, click on the share sheet icon and select “Add to Home Screen”. You will see the iTest app on the home screen. Tap on it to simulate the OneUI experience. After opening the app, you will get a simulated version of OneUI, which is almost as good as the original UI. It shows you the home screen, app drawer, and even explains the camera features when you tap on the camera app. The pre-recorded video explains different features like Single Take, Scene Optimiser, etc.

It also replicates the gallery, messages, call and dialer app. The Messages app highlights the various features that you can try. 

Samsung states that the web app does not replicate every feature but is good enough to prove that there’s nothing daunting about switching to the other side.

Samsung has tried multiple ways to lure iPhone users to try and get their hands on the Galaxy smartphones. However, the web app is the closest it has ever got to let users experience a Samsung smartphone without buying one.

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