[Update] Sega ‘Super-Game’ Project: Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio Reboots Under Works


Update: A new report from Bloomberg drops more details on the smaller games that will be a part of Sega’s ambitious ‘Super Game’ project. The gaming firm is reportedly working on a reboot of the once-popular online title, Crazy Taxi. The reboot has been in works since over a year and is expected to arrive in the next three years. The firm is also expected to reboot Jet Set Radio and have a similar launch timeline for it as Crazy Taxi. These will be free-to-play as well. 

Sega, the game developer and publisher, announced it is working on a ‘Super Game’ last year. However, the details were scarce about the title as the firm didn’t give any kind of detail on the gameplay, theme or the launch time frame. Now, an interview seems to have dropped a few hints on what to expect from the ‘Super Game’ project. The interview was given by senior executives of the gaming firm. Although the details are still not there, enough information is out to get fans excited.

In the interview by VGC, Sega’s Executive Vice President Shuji Utsumi said that the ‘Super Game’ project will be a multiplatform AAA release. Also added was that the title will be big enough to play host to several smaller games within it. 

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“Several titles are being developed within the framework of SuperGame, and while each title will vary, there is no doubt that they will be interactive titles that go beyond the traditional framework of games,” Utsumi added.

Each Title Inside The ‘Super Game’ Project Will Meet Four Criteria

Each game would need to meet four main criteria to qualify as a title to fit inside the ‘Super Game’. The projects that are built within the project should support multiple platforms, aim to have a parallel global release schedule, be AAA-grade and offer global multi-language development. As for the main ‘Super Game’ project, the Sega general manager Katsuya Hisai said that roughly 50 people are a part of the team. Naturally, Sega will be looking to drastically increase the number of team members as the project keeps developing and moves to the next stage. “We expect that the final number of employees will be several hundred,” said Hisai.

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Leveraging Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Platform and NFTs

However, Sega doesn’t seem to limit its ‘Super Game’ to a simple title. The project is expected to make use of NFTs and cloud gaming for some of its offerings. The company has already announced its partnership with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and it looks like the ‘Super Game’ will be built on that. However, that is not confirmed for now as the plans can be shelved if the tech doesn’t align with its standards.

The ‘Super Game’ project will definitely add to Sega’s already robust and successful IPs such as Sonic, Phantasy Star and Lost Judgement. The company last year claimed that it may invest up to 100.00 billion Yen over the next five years to build the ‘Super Game’.