Skyesports Announces the Return of BGMI Streamers Showdown with Rs 15 Lakh Prize Pool

Another SkyEsports BGMI Streamers Showdown is on the Go!

bgmi streamers showdown
Image via SkyEsports

BGMI Esports is rising to new levels of standards each day and is showering with numerous tournaments with massive prize pools. Popular Esports tournament Organizer, Skyesports unveiled the return of BGMI Streamers Showdown which is set to commence this week itself. It was announced yesterday on the official handles of SkyeSports and Rooter.

SkyEsports is known for hosting major esports tournaments and it has risen rapidly with various successful events of BGMI, Free Fire and Valorant. Recently they hosted Skyesports Champions Series as a LAN-line event in Chennai which engrossed great applause and appreciation in the country. It opened the channel for Global Esports and Enigma Gaming to compete in VCT 2022 APAC Stage 2 Challengers. Now they are back with another favourite event which features popular content creators under one roof.

BGMI Streamers Showdown is back with Rs 15 Lakh Prize Pool

bgmi streamers showdown
Image via SkyEsports

Last year, the game launched on 2nd July and SkyEsports announced a streamers showdown which initiated the esports of BGMI in the country. After a year, they are back with another streamers showdown of BGMI and this time, they have hiked the prize pool on board.

Streamers Showdown Timeline, Participants, Prize pool and more

Skyesports BGMI streamers showdown is announced with Rs 15 Lakh Prize pool. Streamers Showdown will feature popular streamers, content creators along with professional players in the community. The event will kick start tomorrow i.e., on 7 July 2022 and goes on till 15 July. The nine-day event is presented by AMD and powered by Rooter. It will consist of the following teams:

  1. Ghatak
  2. Kronten
  3. Maxtern
  4. Vaadhiyaar
  5. Sharkshee
  6. GodL Rebel
  7. Midfail YT
  8. Blind Psycho
  9. Ruchir Jha
  10. Guru Gaming
  11. Spower
  12. Vivone
  13. Eagle Gaming
  14. Natasha Gaming
  15. Crow
  16. Kaztro
  17. Shreeman legend
  18. Lolzzz

Each streamer will have their own team of four players. It all starts with the Launch Party on 7 and 8 July with 24 teams. Following that, the event goes onto the League Stage which will take place from 9 to 11 July. The 24 teams will be divided into three groups, each group having eight teams each, will compete in a round-robin format. Three matchdays will have six matches per day, accounting for a total of 18 matches. The top 16 teams from the cumulative points table will advance to the Finals.

The Finals will Take place from 12 to 15 July and 16 finalists will battle it out for grabbing the ultimate glory of the championship. Events’ prize pool will be distributed among the stages as follows:

  • Launch Party: Rs. 1 lac
  • League Stage: Rs. 1.5 lac
  • Finals: Rs. 12.5 lacs

As rooter is the official streaming partner for Skyesports, viewers can watch the event LIVE on Skyesports‘ Rooter channel and YouTube. Fans can tune in for the event at 12:30 PM IST on each day which will be broadcasted in six various languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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Streamers Showdown 2021 was won by Marcos Gaming, followed by Revenant Esports and Walkouts taking up the second and third spots respectively.

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