Valorant Skyesports Championship Series (SCS) Phase 3 Takes Place in Chennai: Playoffs Begins Tomorrow

Here is all you need to know about the Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) Phase 3: Playoffs Lan Event in Chennai.


Following a huge hit of the first Indian Valorant LAN Skyesports Souvenir Mumbai 2022, the CEO of Skyesports, Shiva Marvel Nandy announced that SkyEsports Champions Series  (SCS) Phase 3: Playoffs will be conducted as a LAN-line event and the venue is set in Chennai. The Lan will take place from 31 May to June 4 with a limited audience.

Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) is one of the most important South Asian (SA) Valorant events which will send two teams for the region at the VCT Stage 2 APAC Challengers for the two available slots at VCT Stage 2 Masters. The tournament is announced with a $30000 prize pool and Sky Esports in Partnership with Riot Games had organized AMD Presents SCS which is powered by Rooter.

Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) Phase 3 LAN Event to take place in Chennai

scs phase 3 playoffs
Image via Skyesports

The Group stage of SCS took place from May 19 to May 24, a 6-day-long event that sent the top six teams that will compete in the Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) Playoffs. The qualified participants for the Playoffs include the following teams:

Group A

  • Enigma Gaming
  • Global Esports
  • Revenant Esports

Group B

The qualified teams have already landed in Chennai and the organizers ensured that players received an authentic regional welcome by greeting them with local garments and cultural events. One of the major highlights is the huge billboard comprises of players’ faces on it.

SCS Phase 3: Playoffs Schedule, Format, and Where to Watch

skyesports champions series phase 3
Image via Skyesports

The Playoffs will be a LAN event that takes place in Chennai as aforementioned above. It is set to commence from May 31 and go on till June 5. But, Pakistan’s team Full Power Gaming will be playing from their home country as they could not come to India due to visa issues.

A Double Elimination format will be implemented for the six qualified teams where Orangutan and Enigma Gaming will come in the second round. You can view the elimination map in the above tweet. Earlier this month, the organizers launched the entry tickets for the audience, and fans who are given the passes are now traveling to Chennai from all-over India.

Coming to the Broadcast details, the event will be streamed LIVE on the official YouTube and Rooter Channel of Skyesports. South Asian viewers can catch the Top-notch Valo action in SCS Playoffs in several languages. Prior to the SCS Phase 3, Global Esports launched a film named ‘South Asia Arise’ which is produced by Skyesports. The music video featured top Valorant Professional Players like Ganesh ‘SKROSSI’ Gangadhar, Debanjan ‘DEATHMAKER’ Das, Sabyasachi ‘ANTIDOTE’ Bose, Divyansh ‘SCARGOD’ Jain.