Skyesports Champions Series Valorant Breaks Viewership Records With 10 Million Views in Multiple Languages

The tournament broke viewership records for South Asia.

SCS Valorant

The Skyesports Champion Series Valorant just wrapped and it appears the event was a giant success – raking in upwards of 10 million views across the month. The tournament was live-streamed in multiple languages and broke viewership records for Valorant in South Asia, making this one of the most successful esports tournaments in the region.

The SCS (Skyesports Champion Series) kicked off on May 9 with the LAN Playoffs in Chennai and saw over 300 teams registering for the tournament. The last team standing was Global Esports after a tough battle in the finals against Engima Gaming, clinching a 3-2 victory.

The Road to VCT (Valorant Champion’s Tour) tournament featured a number of interesting matchups, and reportedly, the Hindi stream for the SCS on June 3 amassed over 1 million views on Youtube.

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Skyesports Champions Series Valorant Rakes in Millions of Views Across Multi-Lingual Streams

SCS Valorant

According to Skyesports, the June 3 stream was one of the most successful ones in the tournament, particularly – the Hindi live stream. The day featured massive matches, including the likes of Enigma Gaming going up against Orangutan. Long-time rivals Global Esports and Velocity Gaming went head-to-head on June 3, and it resulted in one of the most-watched streams of the tournament.

The June 3 stream raked in 1 million views, making this the first-ever Valorant tournament live stream to do so. The tournament was broadcasted live on multiple platforms, including Rooter, Youtube, and Twitch.

“The viewership numbers are a testimony to the quality of the event and the reach that Skyesports possesses,” says  Shiva Nandy, the CEO and Founder of Skyesports. “The growth of VALORANT esports in the region has been phenomenal and we are thankful to have played a major role in this.”

Skyesports Champion Series Valorant

Global Esports and Enigma Gaming will now be representing the South Asia region in the Valorant Champion’s Tour APAC Challengers. Attending the tournament was also Dr. T.R B Raaja, Tamil Nadu MLA and DMK’s IT wing secretary, who said: “The event organization was on par with international standards and the tech that went behind the whole show was mind-boggling. They can rival any IPL event with their tech.”

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