Some iPad Mini 6 Users Reportedly Complain about ‘Jelly Scrolling’ Issue While Using it in Portrait Mode

The new Apple iPad Mini 6 was unveiled alongside the iPhone 13 series earlier this year, and it's the smallest iPad on the market right now.


Apple’s new iPad Mini 6 is facing an issue that will surprise many users. According to reports, users have noticed a “jelly scroll” issue on the tablet when the screen is viewed in the portrait mode. This is an issue that has been seen on smartphones and tablets before. It stretches and condenses the text on the screen when you scroll up and down. As a result, the screen seems to be stuttering and can be distracting when you’re reading long articles or scrolling through lists. It can also make the device look slower than it is to some users.

Essentially, Jelly Scrolling makes it seem like one side of the screen is refreshing faster than the other side. The issue was reported by TheVerge’s Dieter Bohn. Tech website MacRumours also reported that several of its readers have also reported the same issue as well. “Some ‌iPad mini 6‌ owners claim they noticed the effect despite being ignorant of similar reports in the wild, while others see it only after having been made aware that it was even a thing,” the MacRumours report said.

Now you may argue that Jelly Scrolling isn’t a big issue, and you would perhaps be right. However, it is one of those issues that you can’t unsee once you’ve seen it. The same was reported by some users who MacRumours spoke to as well. Since Jelly Scrolling isn’t an issue that everyone understands, to some it might make it seem like there’s something wrong with their device. Here’s a tweet by TheVerge’s Dieter Bohn demonstrating the issue, if you have an iPad Mini 6 already, you can compare it here. Note, Bohn’s video is shot in slow motion.

It’s unclear whether the issue is a result of hardware faults in Apple’s device and whether it’s affecting only a few devices. Apple doesn’t usually falter with the screens of its devices, and the iPads especially have been known for their excellent displays. According to MacRumours, the issue was present on iPad Mini 6 models the publication saw in a local UK Apple Store.

Apple’s iPad Mini 6 should be in slightly short supply this year, since the company is going to face the global chip shortage like all others. Which gives the company a chance to fix hardware faults in future displays if that’s the problem.