Sony PlayStation 5 Price in India and Launch Date Announcement is Just Around the Corner

PlayStation 5 launch details are going to announce soon.


The PlayStation 5 already has a release date and up for pre-orders in the rest of the world, India still seems to be guessing the release date and pre-orders. The upcoming gaming console is already listed in on Amazon India website and it has been reported that the company will launch the console soon in the country. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan had expected to launch the PS5 simultaneously across the globe, but Indian gamers still need to wait.

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According to The Mako Reactor’s report, a tweet from Indian Video Gamer claims that Sony will announce the launch plans of the PlayStation 5 soon. Meanwhile, The Mako Reactor citing their sources in the supply chain confirmed the news. 

As per the supply chain sources, Sony is ready with a price tag and release date for PS5 in India. The company is not willing to reveal any details because of fear of missing the due date. The company do not want to take any risk with the launch as the India fans are already very frustrated due to lack of information. The fans are not missing any chance to troll Sony on social media handles. 

The report suggests that the sources have informed them that the Indian release date and price is on the way and it will be delivered in the form of announcement soon. 

Kaushik Choudhary posted a tweet stating, “@RishiAlwani spoke to Sony store he told November 20th they will get stocks for ps5 and the price will be from 35k to 50k, after calculations it’s coming up to 39k and 49k for digital and disc respectively this is confirmed but stocks will be less.”

It seems Sony Centers the exclusive Sony stores appears to give tentative price and pre-order details. The Mako Reactor report has also shared a chat log where customer care executive of Amazon India has told the customer that the PS5 pre-order in India will start from next week. It seems Sony Centers and Amazon India are giving some tentative details to ensure that the consumers are not going anywhere else to purchase the gaming console.