Sony is Planning to Introduce a new PlayStation Subscription Service This Week: What We Know So Far

PlayStation's answer to Game Pass could be revealed next week.


For the past few months, rumours regarding a subscription service by PlayStation similar to the Xbox Game Pass have been steadily gaining momentum. According to a new report by Bloomberg, it appears that PlayStation is ready to reveal the new service as soon as next week.

The service has been in the works at PlayStation apparently under the codename ‘Spartacus’ and functions very much like the Xbox Game Pass. To those unfamiliar with the Game Pass, it is essentially Xbox’s subscription service which provides players access to a large catalogue of games without any additional purchases.

The Xbox Game Pass has been a roaring success, for both Microsoft as well as the developers whose games are on the Game Pass. It only makes sense for PlayStation to compete with a service of their own.

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Sony May Be Ready to Reveal PlayStation ‘Spartacus’ Next Week

Sony PlayStation

Several rumours have made the rounds of the internet that suggests Sony may have multiple irons in the fire as of now. Greg Miller, of Kinda Funny Games, recently alluded to 3 ‘major’ announcements from Sony in the coming week. There is a strong chance that at least one of them could be the planned Game Pass-like service.

Reports from earlier this year seem to suggest that the new service will aim to combine PlayStation Plus and Now into one comprehensive service. Pricing tiers for the same have apparently also been leaked, but they haven’t officially been confirmed by Sony yet.

It will be interesting to see if countries like India will get the new service on launch or whether the service will have a soft launch in select countries before a global launch. As of the moment, PlayStation Now, a cloud-gaming service, is still not available in India. Therefore, bringing the new service to the country might be a little tricky.