Sony PS5 India release date expected to be announced soon, Sony sees signs of PS5 Trademark approval

PlayStation 5 will be up for sale at Rs 49,999.

PS5 price

At the beginning of this month, it was reported that Sony is fighting for the PS5 trademark in India as the trademark is already registered by an Indian. But it seems that the company’s PS5 trademark in India is back as the status changed from “Opposed” to “Advertised before acc” which means it has been advertised before acceptance. Now it’s confirmed that the Sony PS5 trademark is back with the company in India and we can expect that the company will now reveal the PlayStation 5 release date and pre-order information.

As per patent and trademark attorneys, L.R. Swami and Co. this “allows for any third parties to oppose the trademark application within 4 months from the date of advertisement in the Trade Marks Journal. Where an application is Advertised before Acceptance and there is no opposition lodged during the opposition period, there is a procedural requirement for the application to be accepted by an Accepting Officer before the registration certificate is issued. Once accepted by the Accepting Officer, the trademark status changes to ‘Accepted and Advertised’ and then ‘Registered’. The registration certificate is usually issued in approximately 3 months upon expiry of the opposition period.”

PS5 price in India

Sony has recently revealed the price of the PS5 in India. According to the company, the PS5 will be up for sale at Rs 49,999 and the PS5 digital edition will be available for purchase at Rs 39,990. Sony also confirmed that the PS5 games price will go up to Rs 3,999, additionally, accessories are also going to be available at the launch in India.

The company is yet to reveal the Indian release date. Let’s see when Sony is planning to launch the next-gen gaming console in India. The gaming console is already listed on Amazon India website showcasing the specifications of the PS5.

Sony is also launching a few games along with consoles. And, the prices for each of these games are:

  1. Demon’s Souls – Rs 4,999
  2. Destruction Allstars – Rs 4,999
  3. Marvel Spiderman Miles Morales: Ultimate Edition – Rs 4,999
  4. Sackboy A Big Adventure – Rs 3,999
  5. Marvel Spiderman: Miles Morales – Rs 3,999

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