Sony PS5 India Restock: Next Date For Pre-orders Revealed By ShopAtSC Website

Let’s take a look at more details on the Sony PS5 India restock.

Sony PS5

Sony PS5 pre-orders went live on May 17. It was for the second time that the new Sony gaming console was available for pre-order this year in India. The next PlayStation 5 restock was expected to be in June 2021. However, it looks like customers have a chance to grab the latest gaming console earlier than expected. Sony Center has announced the PS5 pre-order date on its website. The retailers listing reveals that customers can pre-order the console on May 27. Only the disc edition is currently listed on the website. Let’s take a look at more details on the Sony PS5 India restock.

Next Sony PS5 pre-order date 

Sony PS5 pre-orders will kick off again very soon. Sony Center has announced that customers can pre-order the PS5 on May 27.

The listing on ShopAtSC reveals that customers can pre-book the PS5 starting at 12 pm on May 27. It looks like pre-bookings only the Disc edition will go live on the mentioned date. The retailer has listed the more expensive version of the Sony gaming console on its website. The Digital Edition was available for pre-orders during the second sale on May 17. Both variants were available in limited quantities and went out of stock within seconds.

The exact quantity of the Sony PlayStation 5 restock for the next pre-order is unknown at the moment. An IGN India report had previously claimed that Sony is likely to offer more quantities for the Sony PS5 restock in June. It is likely to happen due to the arrival of a new exclusive title. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart launches exclusively on PlayStation 5 in June. “The company wants to avoid the bad publicity of releasing its big first half of the year exclusive with no console to play it on sources say. Expect wider availability of the PS5 Digital Edition though there’s no clarity on new accessories making it outside of the DualSense controller,” the report stated.

That being said, you will need to be quick while pre-ordering the PS5. The gaming console is witnessing huge demand and is going out of stock within seconds each time it goes on sale. 

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