Sony PS5 Owners Get Lifetime Ban for Illegally Selling Free PlayStation Plus Collection to PS4 Users

Sony has confirmed that the grey market PS5 units will not get the official warranty in India.


It seems Sony is being very tough on PlayStation 5 owners who are selling their PS Plus Collection to PlayStation 4 users. Yes! You read it correctly, according to some reports Sony is banning PS5 owners accounts who are selling their free PS Plus Collection to PS4 owners. The Plus Collection includes games like God of War, Fallout 4, Bloodborne, Monster Hunter: World, Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Persona 5, and more among the others.

PlayStation 5 Owners Ban in HongKong

This collection of games comes bundled with PS5 and it gets activated on the console as soon as the users sign in to their PlayStation account on their consoles. According to the reports, the PS4 users are receiving an account ban for two months, but the PS5 users are receiving a permanent account ban. Reports also suggest that the banned accounts are mostly from HongKong.

Popular Twitter user @zhihuwong shared a tweet claiming that thousands of PlayStation Network accounts are reportedly banned in HongKong for selling access to PS Plus Collection to PS4 owners. “Thousands of PSN accounts have been banned, and according to community discussions, these accounts are concentrated in HK(@PlayStationHK), and have in common the receipt of Sony’s PS Collection service for PS Plus, which contains several PS4 games for free,” reads @zhihuwong tweet.

A report from ScreenRant claims that a PlayStation 5 user has made more than $133 by selling Plus Collection access to PS4 owners. Almost USD 7 was charged by the user to sign in to his PS5 account. Sony is yet to share any official statement on this matter, we believe that the account bans are occurring due to multiple logins within a day.

The India launch of PS5 is still a mystery but it seems that the gaming console is already available in the grey markets. Sony has confirmed that the grey market PS5 units will not get the official warranty in India.