Sony PS5 Pro Details Might Just have Leaked: Tipped to Launch 2023-24

The new consoles have not yet been confirmed by Sony nor Microsoft.


Rumors of the PS5 Pro have been making the rounds of the internet these past few weeks and it looks like the newest wave of rumors come from a pretty unlikely source. TCL, a consumer tech manufacturer, in a recent conference, claimed that the PS5 Pro, as well as the Xbox Series X Pro, could be slated for launch in 2023-24.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft has confirmed the existence of any sort of plans for a hardware revision but TCL claims these new consoles will feature capabilities such as being able to output 8K resolution @ up to 120hz. To reiterate, neither console manufacturer has confirmed that development on new consoles is underway, but typically, a hardware revision happens right around the time that TCL purports in the conference.

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TCL Conference Claims PS5/Xbox Series X Pro Could Be Coming as Soon as 2023-24

The PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the Slim came out roughly 3 years (2016) after the release of the original PlayStation 4 (2013). This is why a 2023-24 timeline for a higher-powered variant of the next-gen consoles doesn’t seem entirely out of the ordinary.

Sony is currently in the process of rolling out the new PlayStation Plus, which was recently launched in select markets in Asia – including Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Singapore. The service has had a bit of a hiccup in the launch as PlayStation claims that a technical error caused incorrect pricing for upgrades.

TCL claims that the new consoles will feature an RX7700XT GPU capable of 2160p @ 60-120 hz as well as UHD-8K @ 60-120 hz. These are pretty bold claims but since the consoles currently are capable of similar performance at 4K – a Pro variant of said consoles is likely more than capable of the claimed performance metrics.

It will be interesting to see when Sony or Microsoft announce a hardware revision for the PS5 and Xbox Series X – but for now, there has been no official word.