Sony PS5 Pro Tipped to Launch on Late 2024: Here is Everything to Know About the Upcoming Product

The upcoming Sony PS5 Pro had been tipped to launch in late 2024.

  • Sony has been offering minor upgrades to PS5.
  • A new report has emerged about the upcoming PS5 Pro.
  • The upcoming product is tipped to launch in late 2024.

Sony disrupted the gaming world in November 2020 by launching the PS5 console. The financial result of September 2022 of Sony revealed that it sold over 5 million PS5 units worldwide. The results might be shocking for some as the brand faced huge supply chain issues over the years. A few months ago, we reported about the launch of a new PS5 model with a detachable disc drive. A new report from Insider Gaming reveals that Sony is developing a new PS5 Pro console. The console is under development and will be launched in the coming year. It would be different from the PS5 model, which would be launching with a detachable disc drive.

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Everything to Know About Sony PS5 Pro

The industry sources have confirmed to Inside Gaming about the launch of PS5 Pro, which might happen in late 2024. PlayStation architect Mark Cerny recently published a patent that revealed that the company is working to accelerate ray tracing performance in video games. The changes would be similar to that of PS4 and PS4 Pro.

The PS5 Pro is said to improve visuals, performance, and speed. Earlier, TCL had revealed that the PS5 Pro could output 8K resolution @ 120 Hz during a TCL conference in 2022. The announcement from the company had tipped a hardware revision for the console in 2023 or 2024. It is also rumored that the PS5 Pro would be equipped with RX7700XT GPU. The GPU is built on a 6nm process and supports 2160p @ 60-120 Hz and UHD-8K @ 60-120 Hz.

The Pro variant is aimed at players who wish to extract the complete potential games available on PS5. There is no other information about the specifications of the upcoming product. The reports on the web suggest that Sony will launch the next generation of the PlayStation, i.e., the PS6, which would happen after 2028. It helps the company to continuously upgrade the existing model and maintain the launch schedule similar to its predecessors.

Forthcoming Minor Updates for Sony PS5

Earlier, there were reports that Sony would host an event to announce the new PlayStation before Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023, scheduled for June 2023. The previous report of Sony PS5 with a detachable disc drive is said to be connected through the USB type-C port in the back. Later in January 2023, it was reported that Sony would soon launch PS5 with two Dualsense Controllers.

The report claimed that the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition consoles would bear the model number CFI-1216A and CFI-1216B, respectively. It was reported that these updates would only bring changes in the weight of consoles. The Dualsense bundle is an excellent addition for FIFA 23 players and those who prefer playing locally with friends.

Recently, Sony announced the restocking of PS5 in India on February 22, the second time in a month. What do you think about the upcoming Sony PS5 Pro console? Please share your thoughts and opinions about the product in the comments section.