You soon might be able to FaceTime from your Apple Watch

Apple watch

FaceTime is one of the most popular features Apple introduced on the iPhone and iPad to allow users to video call each other. That feature could be on its way to the Apple Watch as Apple is considering putting multiple cameras on the smartwatch according to a new report.

The information comes from yet another patent application that shows the cameras situated on the Apple Watch. Apple publishes multiple patents that offer insight into future technology, some of which eventually make their way onto future Apple products. Illustrated in patent number 10,129,503 and uncovered by AppleInsider, the patent shows an image-capturing facility attached to a watch. However, instead of simply attaching a camera to the Apple Watch, the patent describes providing a smarter implementation.

The patent shows two cameras attached to the band of the watch, rather than an integral part of the watch itself. The cameras feature wide-angle lenses that allow them to capture the subject from two different angles.

Apple describes in the patent that multiple cameras are required to counter the low-angle viewpoint that is inevitable when using a camera that is placed on your wrist. Usually, when video conferencing on a smartphone, the device is positioned horizontally with your eyes to provide a frontal view of your face. If this was desired on a watch, then you would have to either tilt your face down towards your wrist or raise your wrist and hold it in front of your face – both of which are uncomfortable as are unnatural positions.

Apple has a solution that will take the video feed from both cameras and combine the images using heavy-processing. The watch will track the user’s face and create a realistic representation of the persons face in real-time that would appear as if the smartwatch camera is positioned directly in front of you. That sounds pretty amazing, especially since the processing will be done on the watch itself and demand some serious processing power.

While the technology sounds impressive, a device like this could be a few years away given the processing power that will be required on the watch.

SOURCEPhone Arena

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