Spider-Man 4: Gameplay Footage from Cancelled Game by Prototype Devs Surfaces Online

Spider-Man 4 was being developed by Radical Entertainment, the studio behind Prototype.


One can count the number of movie tie-in games that weren’t absolutely panned on one hand – and quite specifically – one finger. Which is to say, that perhaps Spider-Man 2 was the rare anomaly of a movie tie-in game not only being a decent title, but a sure-shot masterpiece that remains deeply adored to this day.

The Sam Raimi Spider-Man films helped kick off the comic book-movie and video game revolution that we see today, but the series perhaps didn’t get to go out on its own terms. For a while, the plan was for Raimi to helm another Spider-Man movie, and along with it, Radical Entertainment was working on the movie tie-in game.

Alas, Spider-Man 4 was cancelled, and along with it, the video game, but it seems like gameplay footage from Radical Entertainment’s title has popped up on the internet.

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Gameplay from the planned Spider-Man 4 game for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, and PC

The game was set to come out on a number of consoles as well as PC, including the Nintendo Wii. The gameplay footage that popped up online comes from the Xbox 360 build of the game and shows the webhead traversing through what seems like a New York sandbox.

According to Obscure Gamers, the footage reflected a build of the game that is vastly different from the previously leaked Wii build. Most of the assets and menus were recycled from Radical Entertainment’s popular 2009 game – Prototype. It would have been fairly interesting to see Radical’s take on the webhead as Prototype, although not perfect, was an extremely fun game that was able to successfully create a superpowered player-character with interesting abilities.

Much of what players can see in the gameplay footage looks very reminiscent of Prototype – especially in the animations and the general environment. Much of the environment and assets from this game would later be used for the sequel, Prototype 2.