Spider-Man Remastered PC’s New First-Person Mod Puts Players in the Driver’s Seat, and It’s a Hit

Prepare for intense motion sickness and dizzying heights in first-person POV.


Easily the most exciting thing about a once-console exclusive like Marvel’s Spider-Man coming to PC is the limitless opportunity afforded through modding. As was expected, the modding community went to town on Spider-Man, and before we knew it, there were countless innovative mods available for the game, among the bevvy of CJ mods for the webhead.

However, past the CJs and Kingpin mods, there is talk of a new First-Person POV mod that is making the waves. The mod will let players shift their perspective in the most dramatic way and play through the game from the perspective of the iconic superhero in first-person.

Spider-Man fans will remember the iconic scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where for a brief moment, the camera shifted to the webhead’s POV. This mod attempts to replicate the same kinetic feel of swinging through Manhattan.

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New Spider-Man First-Person Mod Could Be A Game-Changer, Literally

The mod is currenlty being developed by jedijosh920 and they have posted footage from the work-in-progress on their Youtube channel. We have yet to see a full-fledged First-Person mode or a Spider-Man VR game, but this is perhaps the closest thing we’ve seen yet.

This mod could work wonders for those with ultrawide monitors as it can put players squarely in the shoes of the iconic superhero as he swings through the city. While the traversal and swinging look fantastic, it will be interesting to see how the mod will handle the combat mechanics of the game.

The combat of Marvel’s Spider-Man relies on reflexive button-based counters which are predicated by the use of a wide camera that gives players a full view of the action. The footage from the mod appears to be extremely well-polished so there is a good chance that jedijosh920 can crack the code when it comes to combat as well.