Spotify Can Now Show Lyrics On Google Nest Hubs & Other Smart Displays Powered By Google Assistant


When it comes to smart displays, they always have an edge over the typical smart speakers owing to the fact that they have a display to showcase information and relevant content on the screen on top of just the audio. Spotify, one of the widely used music streaming services now aims to make use of that fact with the latest update for smart displays. After the latest update, Spotify’s famous “Behind the Lyrics” feature will finally be rolled out to the current range of smart displays.

Spotify will soon start showing Behind the Lyrics on smart displays

What makes listening to music all the way more fun and productive is being able to see the album art, playback controls, videos (if any) on the display. Currently, the smart speakers that make use of Google Assistant (Nest Hub model, Lenovo smart display, or JBL smart display) can only do so if you are using titles from the Google Play Music. That, however, won’t remain the case forever as Spotify is soon joining in.

The feature has so far not been confirmed officially by Spotify and only a handful of information about the same is available on the internet as of now. Other than the source (mentioned at the end of the story), a Reddit thread also showcases the feature on a Lenovo Smart display. The same source further mentions that only one unit amongst all has so far received the feature, but it might be rolled out to other devices pretty soon.

spotify behind the lyrics feature for smart displays

What is the Behind the Lyrics feature anyway?

Behind the Lyrics is a pretty interesting feature in itself. What it does is to provide additional info about the track being played (behind the scene scoop, gossips, and more) on top of providing the user with regular lyrics. While the app developers have so far struggled with figuring out a way to segregate just the lyrics with the Behind the Lyrics feature (something a lot of users have constantly been asking for), it is still a pretty cool feature to have.

If in case you want to make use of the feature, you will have to make sure that the smart display you own is set to play music by itself and not as part of a group as the Spotify UI for group casting is different from the standalone casting and the former does not have the support for Behind the Lyrics feature (yet).

As mentioned earlier, since the information about the Spotify Behind the Lyrics feature for the smart displays is pretty scarce as of now, we are not so sure as to when the feature will be rolled out to a wider audience. That said, we can expect to hear further intel on the same in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on the Spotify Behind the Lyrics feature for smart displays? Have you received the same? And, is it any good or is it just a gimmick? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.