SPS New State Mobile Challenger Finale Day 1 Results Out: Team S8UL Tops the Table, Followed by Godlike

Here are the Day 1 results of the New State Mobile Pro Series Challenger Finale.

  • The Challenger Finale is set to take place from 26-27 January.
  • Team S8UL dominated the first day of the event and won three chicken dinners out of their four games.
  • Top 16 teams from this stage will qualify for the Finals.

The Challenger Finale, the fourth phase of the New State Mobile Pro Series, has begun with 24 qualifying squads taking on each other at this prestigious LAN event. ESL had announced that the final two stages of this tournament would be held as LAN-line, creating more excitement among the fans and players.

Several well-known esports companies have made it to this stage and are ready to compete in the Grand Finale. ESL and NODWIN will conduct 12 matches in Challenger Finale for two days (26 to 27 January) to determine the top 16 teams progressing to the next level. Moreover, the organizers have adopted a 10-point scoring system for the first time in the tournament, which excited fans more.

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SPS New State Mobile Pro Series Challenger Final Day 1 Results

New State mobile pro series
Image via Nodwin Gaming

After Day 1, Team S8UL dominated the points table while bagging a total of 3 chicken dinners. The squad scored 70 points with the help of 38 frags and is nearly through to the grand finale. Following them, Godlike Esports has taken second place on the points table with 45 points and 33 kills which tells that they had played aggressively. Team XO finished third with 30 points, while Team Tamilas finished third with 29 points in four games.

New State mobile
Image via Nodwin Gaming

Here are the winners of each match which three groups played:

  • The first match was played between groups A and B in Erangel. Team S8UL clinched the win in the first match with 9 kills.
  • Team S8UL again dominated the second match played by Groups A and B on Troi map. The team secured 10 frags, with Optic God earning MVP. Global Esports came in second, with Big Brother Esports taking third.
  • FS Esports claimed the third match of the day with four kills.GodLike played strong and scored 14 points, along with ten kills. Big Brother and Team Insane each received nine and eight points in this match played between A and C groups.
  • It was Team Nexgen who won the fourth match with 10 frags. GodLike once again showed their aggressive side, grabbing ten kills in the match, while Skylightz Gaming finished third.
  • Chemin Esports had rung the winning bells in the fifth match with five kills. Team S8UL got eliminated early in the match, but they bagged 11 kills under their banner. Furthermore, Wanted Gaming secured a total of ten kills.
  • Team S8UL again performed fantastically, winning the sixth match with 8 frags. They appeared invincible and added a third Chicken Dinner to their list of accomplishments. Despite their early elimination, Team XO and Global Esports were among the next-best teams, each taking eight frags.

The top teams will try to hold their places to qualify for the Grand Finals. The squads who were placed from 17 to 24 will need to enhance their gameplay so that they can qualify for the Grand Finale.

Today’s last six matches will decide which 16 teams advance to the grand finale and which of the eight squads are ousted from the New State Mobile competition. Fans can catch the event’s Live Stream on Nodwin Gaming’s official YT channel starting at 5 PM IST.

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