Footage from Cancelled Star Wars: 1313 Game Surfaces Online, Features Uncharted-Like Gameplay

The game was cancelled in 2013 after LucasArts was acquired by Disney.

Star Wars 1313

It appears that footage of a cancelled Star Wars game has now popped up and it looks pretty neat. The footage is from LucasArts’ Star Wars 1313, which was even showcased at E3 2012 and was a massive success, reception-wise.

The gameplay demo was praised for its fantastic art style, animation, presentation, and general sense of grit, which was still new for Star Wars games at the time. The game was sadly cancelled around 2013 after LucasArts was bought out by Disney.

A promising title, the game was to star Boba Fett in his early years as he navigated the underworld of Courscant in a literal underground area of Level 1313. The new footage comes from James Zachary‘s portfolio, who was the director on 1313.

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Star Wars 1313 Looked Pretty Promising

The gameplay demo above features a rich variety of environments and showcases what looks like a chase through Courscant. Curiously, before the chase sequence, it appears that the game was to have a semi open-world like structure, or at least a wide linear structure to flesh out Level 1313.

The chase sequence looks very reminiscent of something like Uncharted, in the way that it feels very cinematic. While a demo isn’t representative of the full game in function, it is a good representation of what the game’s ideal version could be like.

This isn’t the only promising Star Wars project to have been cancelled as there seems to be a disproportionate number of Star Wars games that actually get made versus ones that don’t. Fans might remember that EA brought the axe down on a Visceral Games title written by Amy Hennig, of Uncharted fame.

With the resurgence of LucasFilm Games and the expiration of EA’s exclusivity deal, perhaps it is time that at least one publisher goes back to the well and looks at past titles, ones that were cancelled, and brings them back.

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