Steam Gets a Redesign With New Genres, Categories, Themes and Player Support

Steam's redesigned storefront will make it easier to find new games, by introducing sub-genres and new categories.

PC gaming hub Steam is announcing a revamp of its digital storefront today, adding new categories that will make it simpler to find games you may like. The company will also be adding categories for sub genres, themes and player support. The company says it has been testing the update through “beta experimentation” through Steam Labs for four months now. The update offers “new ways to navigate and browse” through gaming titles on the PC gaming platform. In a blog post, Steam said its basic list of genres “falls a bit short” because of how diverse the company’s game library has become.

“A basic list of genres, while easy to browse, falls a bit short given how diverse the Steam catalog has become. Our new Categories menu helps users quickly discover and dive into the breadth and depth of interesting games on Steam. This menu serves up dozens of new categories of games, which can then be explored further,” the company said in its post.

With the new update, Steam will be adding a New & Noteworthy section to the storefront. This allows users to browse new gaming titles added to Steam. “Many users rely on our charts for quick snapshots of what’s new and popular on Steam. These are now accessible from one menu, New & Noteworthy, which also provides direct access to current specials, recent updates, and upcoming titles headed to Steam,” the company said.

Further, the store will offer the ability to browse through sub-genres under a main genre now. For instance, you find categories for Visual Novel, Story Rich games and Metroidvania under the Adventure & Casual genre now. There will also be new entry points that allow players to browse based on specific themes (like science fiction, survival and mystery), player modes (MMO, Co-Op and more) and of course Genres (like Real Time Strategy, Adventure RPG, Farming Sim and more).

“Among these three entry points we’ve surfaced 48 genre categories, 8 theme categories, and 7 player mode categories, for a total of 63 new categories derived from common patterns shared across the catalog of games and players’ browsing behaviour,” the post said.

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