Steam Offers Mido and Di To Download and Keep for Free Till May 2

Players will be able to download and keep the game for free.


Mido and Di, a charming third-person indie action game, is currently available for free on Steam. The game puts players in control of Mido, an alien child that is haunted by nightmares of zombie aliens, who is then taught the ways of zombie alien killing by a creature called “Di”.

The game has been developed by Alper Gonenn and Dogan Dipcin and published by Alper Gogen. Unlike the Epic Games Store, Steam doesn’t routinely give away games for free – so this is a welcome change of pace by the platform. Mido and Di will be available for free on the platform till May 2, 10:30 PM.

Along with Mido and Di, there are a couple of other games available for free on Steam including Elder Scrolls: Arena, Daggerfall, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

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Mido and Di is Available to Keep for Free till May 2 on Steam

Mido and Di was initially meant to be a short animated film that Gonen and Dipcin wrote 15 years but never got to finish. Although Gonen also explains that the game isn’t exactly reliant on its story as it focuses on frantic, third-person shooting to create a chaotic and fun experience.

The game has received mixed reviews on Steam, based on 115 reviews and was released on 23 Nov 2021. The game has a pretty distinct art style that makes it stand apart from a sea of third-person shooters. Although the gameplay seems to lack the necessary polish, it does look like a fun time.

The gameplay looks like a mix between a third-person shooter and a tower defence game a la DOTA as the alien attack arrives in waves. Players will have a total of 3 weapons at their disposal to repel the oncoming alien wave. Once claimed during this period, players will be able to keep Mido and Di in the library.