Steam Racing Fest Sale Goes Live: Forza Horizon 4, NFS Heat, More Available for Discount

The sale will be live until May 30.


The Steam Racing Fest sale is now live on the storefront and it offers great discounts on some of the most popular racing titles on PC. Players can pick up a wide variety of games within the racing genre – including simulation, arcade, and combat racing.

The sale will be live till May 30 on Steam and all players need to download these games is a Steam Account as well as the App. Offerings in the sale include the likes of Forza Horizon 4, Asetto Corsa, NFS Heat, and iRacing.

The sale also includes several titles that also support VR, such as Asetto Corsa – making them a perfect purchase for racing sim enthusiasts with VR hardware.

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Best Deals in the Steam Racing Fest Sale

Assetto Corsa Steam Sale

  • Forza Horizon 4 – Rs 428
  • Assetto Corsa – Rs 105
  • NFS Heat – Rs 699
  • RIDE 4 – Rs 274
  • iRacing –  Rs 247
  • The Crew 2 – Rs 499
  • Wreckfest – Rs 455
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 – Rs 170
  • GRID Legends – Rs 1,499
  • Steep – Rs 299
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered – Rs 449
  • MotoGP 22 – Rs 899
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted – Rs 249
  • SpeedRunner – Rs 119
  • – Rs 455
  • CarX Drift Racing Online – Rs 229
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed – Rs 749
  • Automobilista 2 – Rs 449

Highlights of the sale include Assetto Corsa and ultra-popular sim racing title – iRacing. The latter is a much more distinct affair than the usual racer as it includes painstaking levels of detail to the simulation aspects of the game.

Players who are looking to experience a little more challenge in their racing games might want to try playing some of these great simulation racing games. The sale will last until May 30, so interested players might want to get a move on right now.

GRID Legends is another new release that is currently on sale and is a surprisingly good sim-cade racing title. In our review of the game, we mentioned how the game’s best aspect is its fantastic Story Mode, which is deeper than you’d expect.