Valve Reveals Schedule of Steam Sale and Events for First Half of 2022

The Next Fest is also a couple of weeks away.


The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is about to come to a close but according to this schedule revealed by Valve, there are plenty of more sales right around the corner. Steam Sales are a great time to pick up great games at discounted prices and next up is the Next Fest, which will run from February 21 to 28.

Next Fest typically brings a whole lot of demos for upcoming games, which is a solid way for players to get acquainted with fresh, innovative studios on the come up. The schedule looks like this for the first half of 2022:

  1. Next Fest – February 21 to February 28
  2. JRPG Sale – March 14 to March 21
  3. SimFest: Hobby Edition – March 28 to April 4
  4. Die-a-lot Sale (Roguelikes) – May 2 to May 9
  5. Racing Sale – May 23 to May 30
  6. Summer Sale 2022 – June 23 to July 7
  7. Survival Sale – July 18 to July 25

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Steam Sale Schedule Revealed for the First Half of 2022

Steam Lunar New Year
The Lunar New Year Stale is still live.

As is the case with most Steam sales, the smaller promotions typically focus on individual genres. Such as the  ‘Die-a-lot’ sale focusing on games in the roguelike genre and the JRPG sale focusing on games typically categorized as JRPGs.

In addition to the dates of the sale promotions, Valve also revealed new Discount Policy changes. Starting March 28, 2022, Steam will be shortening the required cooldown period between discounts on the platform to 28 days (4 Weeks).

This essentially means that there must be just 28 days between the end of one discount and the start of the next. Thus, games could be on discount much more frequently than before.

So in case, you’re planning to pick up certain kinds of games in the next few months, you might want to circle these dates in your calendar. The Summer Sale is usually one of the bigger sales in the Steam Sale calendar and brings massive discounts on a whole lot of games on the platform.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is still live and it includes a ton of great indie and AAA games. Some of the highlights of the sale include discounts on Doom Eternal, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut,  Rust, Sea of Thieves, and Hades.