Steam Sale Dates Announced: Autumn Sale to Take Place from November 22

Spring Sale will be taking place between March 16th to 23rd

Steam Sale

Steam is making some changes to the usual pattern of the 4 seasonal sales during the year with the addition of the Spring Sale. Valve has now revealed the dates for the upcoming seasonal sale, the next one being the Autumn Sale, which kicks off on November 22 and will last till November 29.

Upcoming Seasonal Sale Dates:

  • Autumn Sale: Nov 22nd to Nov 29th
  • Winter Sale: Dec 22nd to Jan 5th
  • Spring Sale: March 16th to 23rd

Steam sales are typically some of the most exciting times for PC fans as they can potentially grab a number of great games at massively-reduced costs. While this is a major W for fans, it is also beneficial for publishers and developers as it brings more eyeballs to their games.

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The Spring Sale is a Welcome Addition to the Steam Seasonal Sale Calendar

Although Spring Sale is being added to the calendar, the newly-introduced Lunar New Year Sale (debuting in 2016) will now be going away. The decision was taken after considering that the sale was too close to the December holiday sale period. Valve’s decision was predicated upon the belief that customers will be better served by a little bit more time between the big Steam-wide seasonal sales.

The Autumn Sale, coming up in November, should offer up a large number of titles, both AAA and indie at discounted prices. November is a pretty stacked month in terms of new game releases on console, notably God of War Ragnarok, but PC players will be looking to grab a couple of great games come Autumn Sale.

It is likely that major releases of the year such as Elden Ring, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, and more will be available at a discount during the sale.

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