Tata EV Prices Increased: Nexon EV, Tigor EV, and Nexon EV MAX Get up to Rs 60,000 Price Bump

All models of the three electric cars by Tata are now costlier.

Tata Nexon EV Max on charging (Image: Tata Motors)

Tata Motors has decided to up the prices of its electric cars in India. This means its popular all-electric SUV – the Nexon EV, as well as its elder brother – the Nexon EV Max, will now prove to be costlier to those wishing to buy any of these. In addition, the price hike also affects the more modest offering from the house of Tata Motors, i.e. the all-electric sedan that goes by the name of Tata Tigor EV.

Note that this is not the first time that Tata Motors has increased the prices of its EVs. In fact, within the past six months, the new hike is the third time that the Nexon EV sees its cost soaring. While the reason for the same has not been mentioned by the Indian automotive giant, the practice seems to be implemented across its EV portfolio in the country.

And as you can expect, the heavier model gets the larger push. For instance, the Nexon EV’s prices have been increased up to Rs 45,000, while the Nexon EV Max sees this hike soaring up to Rs 60,000. The rise in cost for the Tata Tigor EV is still pretty modest in comparison, sitting at just Rs 25,000.

For some of these, the new prices differ based on the model you opt for. For a thorough understanding of this price hike, here is the list of all the cars, their variants, and the increase in money they will be asking for from buyers going forward.

Tata Nexon EV price hike

Tata has largely managed to justify the price hike on its bestseller EV, the Nexon EV, thanks to a new variant that the company now sells the electric car as. Named Tata Nexon EV Prime, the electric SUV now comes with more features, many of which we have seen on the Nexon EV Max already.

With this, here is the complete price list of the new Nexon EV Prime in India, compared to that of the outgoing model.

Variant Old Price New Price Price Hike
XM Rs 14.54 lakh Rs 14.99 lakh Rs 45,000
XZ+ Rs 15.95 lakh Rs 16.30 lakh Rs 35,000
XZ+ LUX Rs 16.95 lakh Rs 17.30 lakh Rs 35,000
XZ+ Dark Rs 16.29 lakh Rs 16.49 lakh Rs 20,000
XZ+ LUX Dark Rs 17.15 lakh Rs 17.50 lakh Rs 35,000

Tata Nexon EV Max price hike

Launched recently, the Nexon EV Max proves to be for those wanting more range out of their Nexon EV, of course, at a slightly higher cost. There are a total of four variants of the electric car, all of which will now be Rs 60,000 costlier than before. Here is a look at how the prices of the EV stand now.

Variant Old Price New Price Price Hike
XZ+ Rs 17.74 lakh Rs 18.34 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ (Fast Charger) Rs 18.24 lakh Rs 18.84 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ LUX Rs 18.74 lakh Rs 19.34 lakh Rs 60,000
XZ+ LUX (Fast Charger) Rs 19.24 lakh Rs 19.84 lakh Rs 60,000

Tata Tigor EV price hike

Tata sells the Tigor EV in India for those wanting an entry-level battery-electric vehicle. All the four variants of the EV will now be costlier for purchase, by a sum of Rs 25,000, as compared to the earlier prices. Here is a look at all of these.

Variant Old Price New Price Price Hike
XE Rs 12.24 lakh Rs 12.49 lakh Rs 25,000
XM Rs 12.74 lakh Rs 12.99 lakh Rs 25,000
XZ+ Rs 13.24 lakh Rs 13.49 lakh Rs 25,000
XZ+ DT Rs 13.39 lakh Rs 13.64 lakh Rs 25,000

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