Tecno Working With Samsung on an RGBW Camera Sensor After Taking Potshots at The Brand Last Week

Tecno, a smartphone brand operated by Transsion Holdings, will likely debut a new Samsung image sensor with RGBW pixel array.


Tecno Mobiles, the value centric smartphone brand operated by Transsion Holdings, is reportedly set to feature a new Samsung image sensor that uses an RGBW pixel array. In a recent conference, the company is reported to have mentioned Samsung Isocell GWB – an upcoming mobile imaging sensor that adds a white pixel to red, green and blue pixels. The latter is not an entirely new strategy, so it remains to be seen how it really impacts images shot through this sensor.

According to reports, the Samsung Isocell GWB is set to be an RGBW sensor with 64MP image resolution. The addition of the white pixel will likely help the sensor improve its overall sensitivity to light, which in turn can help produce better low light photographs. The teased images appear to claim lesser background glare in better lit environments, and more balanced contrast levels when images are shot in darker backgrounds.

At the moment, it’s not clear as to when might the said sensor be seen in action. Given that Tecno is said to have partnered with Samsung for this, reports indicate that a Tecno smartphone, to be launched some time in early 2022, will likely be the device in which the sensor is introduced. There is no confirmed word on whether this could happen before early 2022, when Samsung is expected to launch its own flagship smartphone range, the purported Galaxy S22 series.

The collaboration comes at a time when reports indicate that Tecno was recently spotted taking digs at Samsung, and its alleged lack of diversity in terms of the smartphones that it has in its portfolio. A Tecno teaser reportedly urged users to not fall for the “same song”, and instead choose a better variety – potentially from its own portfolio.

Samsung, in the meantime, has been fairly experimental with its smartphones. The company has one of the most accessible mainstream smartphone lineups that use foldable displays – under its Galaxy Z series. It also has the more usual flagships under its Galaxy S series of devices. The company also makes its own processors, connectivity chips as well as its own image sensors – making it one of the bigger names in industrial and consumer technologies around the world.