FIFA 23 to Feature Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond: Officially Teased on Twitter

It will be interesting to see how this crossover happens come launch time.

FIFA 23 Ted Lasso

It would appear that everyone’s favourite fictional football club manager could be making his way to FIFA 23 as Ted Lasso is now dropping hints about his arrival in the game. This was hinted at through a Twitter post that shows actor Jason Sudekis being scanned, much like how players have their likenesses scanned for the FIFA games.

EA Sports responded to the post, pretty much confirming that they and the Apple TV show have something cooking. This is extremely huge news for FIFA and Ted Lasso fans as this is probably the firs time EA Sports are including crossover content in their game to this extent.

It will be interesting to see how EA Sports decides to include this new content and whether Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond could be playable managers/teams in the game.

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Could FIFA 23 Feature a Career Mode with Just Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond?

It is unclear how this new content will be integrated and whether it will be substantial enough to sustain an entire game mode. Previously, EA Sports has dabbled with story content such as in “The Journey” which followed a player from his rise in youth clubs and into stardom on the world stage of football.

A similar mode could be present in FIFA 23 that lets players take control of AFC Richmond as Ted Lasso and carry the team to championship glory in Europe. The possibilities are endless and these are exciting times indeed for FIFA fans.

It appears that EA Sports are looking to cap off the “FIFA” journey, per se, with a bang as this will be the last game in the series with the FIFA license. The game is set to release on September 27 and it will be interesting to see if the Ted Lasso mode or just his likeness will be available in the game at launch.

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