Teen Addicted to Online Games like PUBG Commits Suicide

Rajkot city, Gujarat has reported a suicide committed by a 17-year-old boy due to an online Gaming addiction on Sunday. The boy's mother told that the boy has been addicted to playing PUBG on his phone.


The addiction to online gaming is becoming serious as many families have lost their children being addicted to online gaming. Recently, news came out from Rajkot, Gujarat where a 17-year-old teen died from suicide at his residence, allegedly addicted to online games like PUBG.

Anand Agrawat, who is a resident of Rajkot under University Road police station in Gujarat, was found hanging on the grill of the bathroom in his room with a dupatta. The incident has taken place on Sunday, May 15.
As per reports of TOI, the boy works in a shop on Yagnik Road. Anand’s mother has seen him going to the Bathroom. As he was there for a long time and did not come out, she went and knocked on the door, calling out to him several times.
Her mother also stated that she had called him over mobile quite a few times, which the boy left unanswered. This made her suspicious and alerted her other family members. She said that she had called her elder son who lives in the Mavdi area.

Upon breaking the bathroom door, the boy was found hanging. Authorities from the University Road police station stated that Anand’s mother told the cops that Anand was addicted to playing PUBG on his mobile.

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This is not the first time we are hearing about the suicidal deaths of youngsters being addicted to online gaming. Rajkot city and Gujrat have already witnessed such incidents earlier which is due to the addiction to PUBG in the last couple of years.
The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in September 2020 amidst China-India issues. Krafton has launched a similar game, naming it Battlegrounds Mobile India in July 2021.