Telegram Update Brings Custom Notification Sounds, Replies in Forwarded Messages and More

Telegram now lets users create their own notification tones, set custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, use supercharged bots for websites and much more.


WhatsApp arch-rival Telegram has announced an update to its app with a set of new features. The update comes barely a month after the firm introduced the Download Manager, New Attachment Menu, Live streaming features and more. The latest update deals with how the app handles notifications, bots and much more. In its second spring update for the year, Telegram now lets users create their own notification tones, set custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, use supercharged bots for websites, and improve forwarding that preserves replies among other features. Let’s dive deep into it and see what’s new.

Telegram Update: What’s New?

Custom Notifications Sounds: With the update, users can set their own notification tone including favourite music or even memes. They just need to tap the short audio file or voice message in chat to auto-add it to their list of notification sounds. This can be assigned to any chat. The sounds can be accessed by navigating through Settings > Notifications and Sounds. However, the Tones support audio files that are under 5 seconds and under 300KB in size.

Telegram: Custom Notifications Sounds

Custom Mute Durations: Telegram is now giving users more flexibility when it comes to temporarily muting the notification alerts for specific chats. It is also possible to modify alerts. Users can simply choose Disable Sound to receive notifications silently, or one of the Mute options to turn off notifications completely.

New Auto-Delete Menu in Profiles: As a part of the update, Telegram has reduced the number of taps to enable flexible timer settings for auto-delete. It can now be enabled from the three-dot menu on the chats info page.

New Auto-Delete Menu in Profiles
Telegram: New Auto-Delete Menu in Profiles

Replies in Forwarded Messages: Now, when a message is forwarded to other chats, the users will also get to see the reply preview from the original chat to get a better context. It is possible to hide the sender’s name or media captions if you want to forward a message more anonymously.

Bot Revolution: For developers, Telegram is giving tools to create flexible interfaces with JavaScript, letting bots practically replace any website. For instance, a fast-food chain can use the Telegram bot to take orders directly from the chat, show the menu and more. This will prevent users from closing the app and moving to another app for ordering food. The interface can be designed to match the user’s theme by adjusting the colours.

Bot Revolution
Telegram: Bot Revolution

Improved Message Translation on iOS: On iPhones, Telegram now supports more languages such as Ukrainian – and is now able to translate the same languages as the Android app. It can be enabled in Settings > Language. Users can exclude certain languages as well, in which they are fluent and don’t need it.

Improved Picture-in-Picture on Android: On Android, Telegram users can now pinch to change the size of the PiP video, tap X to quickly close it and see the videos in a new rounded design.

Improved Picture-in-Picture on Android
Telegram: Improved Picture-in-Picture on Android

New Animations: Although not a big change, the app now shows a new duck animation when users are changing their phone numbers.

Finally, the Telegram app update also brings new animated emojis, specially for food. Users can just send a message with a single emoji to get a large animated version.