The Equalizer 3, Starring Denzel Washington, Promises Action and the End of the Series

Sony has dropped the trailer of Equalizer 3 and given a sneak peek to the fans of the franchise in the violent world of Robert McCall, played by Denzel Washington. Read on to know more about the movie.

  • Sony Pictures drops the first trailer of Equalizer 3
  • Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning play the leads in the movie
  • The third installment is the end of this franchise


The trailer of the third and final installment of Denzel Washington’s Equalizer has been dropped. The Equalizer, a beloved 1980s television series, was reimagined for a modern audience in 2014 by director Antoine Fuqua and star Denzel Washington. The violent and sleek action film earned mixed reviews from critics but dominated the box office, earning a staggering $190 million worldwide on a $62 million budget.  Pulpy, bloody, and financially successful, it gave rise to a sequel four years later that found McCall caught up in a government plot involving Pedro Pascal’s Dave York. He essentially transformed into a slasher villain towards the film’s conclusion as he prowled through a boisterous coastal town, and we didn’t complain.

The third adventure of Robert McCall has traveled a long way to the big screen. After The Equalizer 2’s debut in 2018, Fuqua began to tease the third thriller film. However, he was side-tracked by the production of the science fiction films Infinite for Paramount Plus and The Guilty for Netflix. In January 2022, Sony officially revealed that the movie was moving forward and that both Washington and Fuqua would soon be returning. And now the first trailer of the third and final installment of the franchise has been dropped.

First Trailer Dropped

The first trailer for Equalizer 3 has been dropped 14 hours back and we can’t take our eyes off it. Denzel Washington once again made us his fan, with the punch lines, action, and even stares. The trailer also makes it clear, that this will be the final installment of the movie. Within 14 hours of the release of the trailer, it has been viewed by 2.5 million people and liked by 40k people.

Official Trailer and Plot

According to the threequel’s official synopsis, Robert McCall has struggled to come to terms with the horrifying atrocities he’s committed in the past and finds a weird solace in pursuing justice on behalf of the oppressed. In Southern Italy, where he finds himself strangely at home, he learns that his new companions are under the authority of Italian criminal bosses. As the situation becomes dangerous, McCall realizes what he must do: defend his buddies by going up against the mobsters. In The Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington will reprise his role as Robert McCall. Additionally, he’ll work with Man on Fire co-star Dakota Fanning once more; however, what role she’ll play is not clear right now. Sonia Ben Ammar, Remo Girone, Andrea Dodero, Eugenio Mastrandrea, Andrea Scarduzio, Salvatore Ruocco, Daniele Perrone, and Gaia Scodellaro are the other cast members.


The movie will be released in theatres in September, later this year. The trailer has created the hype about the movie and it will be interesting to see how it fares at the box office.

Do tell us what you feel about the trailer and watch this space for more such information.