The Witcher 4 Teaser Teases School of Lynx Confirms CD Projekt Representative

The Lynx school has no basis in the games or the books.


Ever since CD Projekt Red revealed the new Witcher title, fans have been trying to decipher what the art accompanying the announcement means. The image is of a Witcher medallion in the snow, but it is not the School of the Wolf medallion worn by Geralt.

Initially, players assumed that the medallion belonged to a character from the School of the Cat, not upon further speculation within the community, the more common theory is that the medallion is from the School of the Lynx.

If the name confuses players it is because the school is a product of fanfiction and doesn’t actually exist within the games or the books.

The school is founded by Geralt’s friend Lambert, Keira Metz, Joel Gatan, and Dragonfly. The school is formed after the school of the Wolf’s extinction after Vesemir’s death. The school was formed as the group attempted to take back the Dyn Mar Caravan from Nilfgaardian soldiers, which continued to serve as the school’s mobile base.

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The New Witcher Game Could Feature a Character from the Lynx School

While CD Projekt Red hasn’t confirmed the Lynx school as being canon, a certain Tweet caught fans’ attention last night. Marcin Momot, Global Community Director at CDPR responded to the Lynx school theory with certain ‘enthusiasm’, seemingly confirming the speculation.

On the other hand, the response could be just sarcastic, neither confirming nor denying the rumour. It isn’t completely out of the realm for CDPR to make the Lynx school canon and have a game set after the events of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Occasionally, fan creations have found themselves integrated into the canon and perhaps the Lynx school might have a similar fate.

So far, the studio hasn’t revealed anything regarding the game except that it will be developed on the Unreal Engine 5 as part of a strategic partnership with Epic Games. In terms of the story and setting, it will be interesting to see which timeline CDPR chooses to follow.