Thug Invitational S5 Day 2 Results are Out: Team Mayhem Tops the List, Followed by Enigma Gaming

Following day 2 of Thug Invitational S5, Team Mayhem has topped the overall standings table. They were followed by Enigma gaming closely with a single point difference.


Thug Invitational S5 Day 2 has come to an end successfully on May 10 with action among the top BGMI teams. And the Thug Invitational Season 5 Day 2 Overall Standings, Top fraggers, and more details are now out.

Thug Invitational Season 5, a second BGMI event under thug’s franchise had kicked off on May 9, 2022. A total of 32 teams were invited to play and they were seeded into 4 groups (8 teams per group). These 4 groups will compete among each other for a 6-day long league stage in a round-robin format. The top 16 teams from the league stage will qualify for the finals where the teams would be fighting for the lion’s share of the featured prize pool of Rs 8 lakh.

Here are the overall standings of Thug Invitational season 5 Day 2.

Thug Invitational S5 Day 2 Overall Standings

thug invitational s5 day 2
Image via LOCO

Following Day 2, team Mayhem tops the overall standings table with 93 points and 42 finishes. Team Enigma Gaming who were the table-toppers on Day 1 is now close to Mayhem with 92 points. OR Esports clinched the third position with 82 points.

thug invitational s5
Image via LOCO

Here are the Match results on day 2.

  • Match 1 (Group A x B): This match was played on Miramar and was won by Enigma Gaming with a whooping 14 frags.
  • Match 2 (Group A x C): Match 2 of Day was played on Erangel which was claimed by Chemin Esports with 10 finishes.
  • Match 3 (Group A x D): The third match of the day was played on the desert map again and Team Mayhem is the one who emerged victorious in this match with 8 kills.
  • Match 4 (Group B x C): It was R Esports who become the winners of Match 4 with 12 finishes.
  • Match 5 (group B x D): Fan-favorite team Soul had claimed the victory in the fifth match with a massive total of 18 kills
  • Match 6 (Group C x D): Team Orangutan Gaming had taken a win in the final match of the day with 9 frags.

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Top Fraggers after day 2

thug invitational
Image via LOCO
  1. Neon (team Mayhem) – 17 kills
  2. Noob (Entity Gaming) – 17 kills
  3. Justin (Chemin Esports) – 16 kills
  4. Rexx (Enigma gaming) -14 kills

Day 3 of the Thug Invitational fifth season will take place today I.e., May 11. Catch the epic action of the teams in the LIVE stream broadcasted exclusively on Loco and 8-bit Thugs’ YouTube channel from 1:30 PM IST.