Titanfall 2 Compromised by Hackers, Respawn Entertainment Respond to Security Threat

Looks like Titanfall 2 may have been compromised by hackers.


Recently, Respawn Entertainment haven’t exactly had the most comfortable of times with one franchise of their’s in particular – Titanfall. Over the past few months, Apex Legends was subject to a number of security issues such as hackers taking over the game and displaying a “Save Titanfall” message over the menus.

It looks like Respawn have more trouble on their hands again as the game again has security vulnerability affecting it. A message on the subreddit r/Titanfall cautioned players against launching the game on their PC/Consoles as it will leave their system vulnerable to exploits. The devs have taken note of this issue and responded to it over Twitter and explained that the issue is relatively contained and is simply an exploit that can be used to crash games.

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Titanfall 2’s security compromised again, Respawn Entertainment is currently investigating

While the issue looked pretty vague and the message seemed quite ominous at first, Respawn have calmed the playerbase by explaining that there aren’t any more serious risks to affected players and their machines apart from a simply exploit used to crash games. Over the past few months, another Respawn title, Apex Legends was famously subject to all sorts of exploits where players would deliberately crash the game in order to prevent a loss stat.

Seems like a similar issue has also affected Titanfall 2, and Respawn are already investigating the issue and it looks  like they have it under control. While it isn’t the best look on the studio, their response has been fairly quick and comprehensive, which is always a positive sign for the playerbase.

Yet, given how incredibly popular both Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 still are, Respawn cannot afford to run into more of such issues quite so frequently.