TRAI DND App Officially on Apple iOS App Store for iPhone to Report and Block Unwanted Spam Calls and SMS

Apple Inc. has allowed a fully functioning version of TRAI DND App on its iOS App Store. The app will allow reporting spam calls and messages from iPhone.

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Apple iPhone users can download and use the official Indian app that allows reporting and blocking unwanted SMS and spam Calls. The TRAI’s DND App has silently appeared in a fully functioning version on the iOS App Store.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or the TRAI has an official app called DND or Do Not Disturb. The app is one of the few working solutions that allow mobile phone users to report irritating spam calls and unwanted barrage of promotional messages. The DND App was banned on the Apple iOS App Store for a very long time. Apple Inc. claimed the app violated user privacy and compromised the security of the Apple iPhone. However, after a lengthy altercation with the TRAI, Apple appears to have allowed the DND App on its app store for free download and use.

Apple Inc. Allows TRAI DND App On The iOS App Store For iPhone Users

Do Not Disturb or DND App was banned from Apple’s App Store for a very long time. Apple strongly insisted that the DND App’s ‘behavior’ of asking users to grant permissions to view call logs and text messages was a clear violation of user’s privacy, data and security.

Not accepting Apple’s argument, TRAI instructed all the telecom networks operational in India to de-register iPhones. TRAI was clearly attempt to coerce Apple into allowing the DND App on its app store. Interestingly, the regulatory authority’s tough stand and threat to penalize Apple, was strongly opposed by quite a few organizations in India, including Indian Cellular Association (ICA).

Surprisingly, the TRAI did not budge on its stand of allowing the Indian telecom subscribers the right to report unwanted calls and messages. The authority set a clear deadline. The TRAI set a deadline of six months for all smartphone manufacturers, starting from July, 2018. The authority was firm on its insistence that handset providers, who wish their devices work in India, must allow the DND App on their respective app stores before January 2019. Failing to comply would potentially result in de-recognition of the devices from telecom regulators.

How To Download And Use TRAI DND App On Apple iPhone?

It now appears Apple has finally relented. The DND App is now available for download on the Apple iOS App Store. The DND App is free to download for all Apple iPhone users, but the app will function properly only in India, and for Indian mobile numbers.

It seems Apple Inc. has made some special provisions to allow the TRAI DND App to seek and receive such elevated permissions. Apparently, the company still views such permissions as a threat to user’s privacy, data and security.

TRAI DND App Apple iOS App Store iPhone

After an iPhone user downloads the TRAI DND App, they have to launch the same. Upon first launch, the app asks the user to register for the DND service. User must also enable DND extensions on the iPhone. The procedure to grant elevated permissions to the DND App is quite simple. The app itself, directs iPhone users to head to Settings. Therein, users must select ‘Phone’, then head over to ‘SMS/Call Reporting’. There’s a special entry called ‘TRAI DND’. Selecting the same grants the app the required permissions by allowing the relevant extensions.

Using the TRAI DND App on the iPhone is quite easy. Usually the app itself offers two sections, one for spam calls, and the other for unwanted spam messages. However, in Apple iPhone’s case, DND App users can start reporting spam calls from their call logs itself. The log will contain a ‘report’ option alongside the standard ‘delete’ option.


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