Enthusiast Audio Brand TRN Enters India With Four Hi-Fi Wired IEMs: Price, Specs, Features

TRN has launched four in-ear monitors with up to seven high-performance drivers.


TRN, an international audio brand, has now entered the Indian market with a range of HiFi wired IEMs. The company is introducing several in-ear monitors with up to seven high-performance drivers including TRN VX, V90s, V90, and ST1. All the TRN products will be exclusively sold via The Audio Store in the country. Let us have a detailed look at the TRM IEMs price in India, features, and specifications.

TRN HiFi Wired IEMs: Price in India

  • TRN VX (Seven Driver) – Rs. 6,490
  • TRN V90s (Six Driver) – Rs. 5,990
  • TRN V90 (Penta Driver) -Rs. 4,490
  • TRN ST1 (Dual Driver) – Rs. 1,490

All these wired in-ear monitors are available in India and can be purchased from The Audio Store.

TRN HiFi Wired IEMs: Features and Specifications

TRN ST1: Dual Driver (1DD+1BA) Wired IEM

The ST1 features a 10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver and a 30095 balanced armature combo driver setup. It has 22Ω impedance, 108dB/mW sensitivity, 1-40000Hz frequency range, and a 3.5mm glided Type-C jack with a 1.2m detachable cable. The ST1 has a 2-way crossover technology and acoustic chamber that allows a narrower pass-band of drivers. These also feature an advanced PVD protective film-coating that is tough, resists corrosion, impact, and abrasion.

The company says that each unit of the ST1 is hand-brushed to a satin finish which ensures a luxurious pearly-white shine and plush feeling that is both artistically and aesthetically pleasing. These sport a specially shaped front housing made for utmost stability, and comfort.

TRN V90: Penta Driver (4BA+1DD) Wired IEM

The V90 features four customized balanced armature drivers (2x 30019 + 2 x 50060) and a 10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver. It sports a large diamond-graphite diaphragm to achieve low distortion and bring out more details without sacrificing any other sound signature. It has a 22Ω impedance, 110dB/mW sensitivity, 7-40000Hz sensitivity range, and a 3.5mm glided Type-C jack with a 1.2m detachable cable.

TRN V90s: Six Drivers (5BA+1DD) Wired IEM

The V90s packs a dual magnet high-flux dynamic driver along with 3 x 50060 balanced armature and 2 x 30019 balanced armature drivers. It has a 22Ω impedance, 108dB/mW sensitivity, 20-40000Hz sensitivity range, and a 3.5mm glided Type-C jack with a 1.2m detachable cable.

The V90s uses 5-axis CNC machining to offer a much better fit, feel, and finish. The inner structure of the V90s is also optimized with air pressure relief technology to harmonize excessive pressure from your eardrums. The V90s uses a 4-core high purity 6N OCC detachable copper cable allowing sound to flow more freely and openly with a bigger sound stage, and less strident treble.

TRN VX: Seven Driver (1DD+6BA) Wired IEM

The VX features a 6 balanced armature, and 1 dual-magnet dynamic hybrid driver setup. The dual-magnet dynamic driver is a 10mm high-performance dual neodymium magnet dynamic driver to deliver tactile and texture bass. It also has 6 customized 3 x 30095 + 3 x 50060 high-frequency balanced armatures.

The VX features 22Ω impedance, 107dB/mW sensitivity, 7-40000Hz sensitivity range, and a 3.5mm glided Type-C jack with a 1.2m detachable cable. It also sports light-weight ear hooks ergonomically designed to sit comfortably around the helix of the ears and an acoustic inner-structure carefully designed to minimize chamber acoustic resonance and driver flex. What do you think of these new HiFi IEMs by TRN? Do let us know in the comments below.

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