Truecaller App in India to Now Offer Verified Contacts of Government Officials to Its Users

Building trust by protecting users from any scams, fraud and spam.


Truecaller, one of the most popular caller ID apps globally has today announced the launch of an in-app digital government directory to enhance seamless interaction between people and the Government by giving easy access to thousands of verified contacts of government officials. This has been done in order to build trust with citizen services by protecting users from any scams, fraud and spam.

The digital government directory will build trust in digital communication and empower citizens to connect with public representatives and authorities through verified contacts across the state. Truecaller app is being used by over 240 million users in India and with this new feature, the app aims to make the app even more useful and better.

Verified Government Contacts Truecaller App

With this new feature on Truecaller users of the app will get easy access to verified government contacts inside the app itself. The digital government directory will provide access to helplines, law enforcement agencies, embassies, educational institutes, hospitals, and other key departments of 23 states and union territories.

Truecaller says these contact details have been sourced directly from the government, and official government sources. With this move, Truecaller aims to help streamline public access to government representatives and assist over 200 million Truecaller users in India. The company said, based on the interactions with netizens and relevant stakeholders, Truecaller has learnt that one of the most pervasive scams on the phone involves the impersonation of government officials.

The addition of verified government contacts will build more trust in communication and protect our users from fraud and scams, which are happening often more recently across the country. Unlike regular calls on the phone, when you call a verified government contact, you will see a green background and a blue tick, which indicates that the number is verified.

The app maker is also working with different government departments to expand the directory and is looking at adding contacts at the district and municipal levels in the next phase, based on user feedback with this version. Truecaller has also created a simple process for any government agency to share information and get verified on the directory.