Truecaller Finally Brings Live Caller ID on iPhone but You Need to Be a Premium User

iPhone users can now use Truecaller Live Caller ID feature with a premium subscription.

  • Truecaller Live Caller ID is now available for iPhone users.
  • It’s a premium feature.
  • Users need to activate Siri to know the caller ID.


Truecaller has been a popular caller identification app for Android users due to its rich features that help in knowing more details about the caller. However, for iPhone users, the features were fewer which Truecaller added later with one of its biggest updates for users on iOS devices. The update brought a plethora of features such as spam identification, spam filtering, number look-up widget, and detection of SMS messages.

The app still lacked a feature that Android users have the benefit of, Live Caller ID. The Swedish company has now announced this feature for all iPhone users in India. Here’s everything you need about Live Caller ID coming to iPhone.

Live Caller ID is now available for iPhone Users

Truecaller has announced a new feature for iPhone users today in India known as the live caller ID. As the name describes, this feature tells you the identity of the users right at the moment on the calling screen.

On Android phones, it’s a very simple working process – you receive an unknown call from someone and Truecaller will tell you the identity of the caller on the calling screen right at the moment. However, on iPhone, things work differently. Users on iOS devices, when receiving a call from an unknown person, will need to activate Siri to know the caller ID of the person. They will have to say,” Hey Siri, Search Truecaller” and Siri will show you the live caller ID of the user calling. We tested the feature and it worked for us, checkout the screenshot below to know more.

Live Caller ID comes at a cost for iPhone users

For excited iPhone users, we would like to clarify that the Live Caller ID is a premium feature on the Truecaller app and a user will need to buy a premium subscription to use this feature.

Truecaller currently offers two subscription tiers in India; Premium and Gold Premium plans. The premium subscription costs Rs 529 per year for an individual member or Rs 179 for 3 months whereas a Gold plan costs Rs 5,000 per year.

Truecaller, last year, launched a family subscription plan in India. So, if you are planning to buy a premium subscription for more than one user, you can consider buying it. The Truecaller family plan costs Rs 132 per month or Rs 925 per year in India. There’s a limitation to the family plan that only Android users can buy it after which they can add iOS members to their list.

Anyone who buys the Truecaller premium plan gets these benefits:

  • No ads
  • Who viewed my profile
  • Advanced spam blocking
  • Unlimited contact requests
  • Incognito mode
  • Announce calls (Android only)
  • Ghost calls (Android only)